Janys Olsen

I was born and raised in eastern Oregon on a wheat farm that my family has owned for over 100 years.  It is a small community, but I had great parents who made sure we traveled and saw the world. My love for travel really began in 2009 when I studied abroad in Norway for 8 months. I was able to travel all over Norway and Western Europe during my time abroad.  I fell in love with learning about people and the vast cultures of our world. Being a small town girl I realized there is so much to discover and have been traveling as much as possible ever since.

After I graduated from college I knew I wanted a job that involved people and travel, so I began working for a major luxury cruise line.  There I was able to travel to Alaska on several cruises and learn about the travel industry.

I began working for Polar Cruises in 2016 as one of the client services coordinators. I’m here to assist our clients prepare for their upcoming Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia voyages. Words cannot describe how excited I am for my first trip to Antarctica coming up in February. I have always loved adventure travel and to get the opportunity to go to one of the most remote places on Earth is an unbelievable privilege.