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During this voyage we have the chance to observe all eight Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic penguin species; Emperor Penguin, King Penguin, Adelie Penguin, Macaroni Penguin, Chinstrap Penguin, Gentoo Penguin, Magellanic Penguin and Rockhopper Penguin. 

Day 1: Puerto Madryn

In the afternoon, we embark in Puerto Madryn and sail to the Falkland Islands. 

Days 2 and 3: At Sea

At Sea, the ship is followed by several species of albatrosses, storm petrels, shearwaters and diving petrels.

Days 4 and 5: Falkland Islands

In the Falklands (Malvinas) we plan to stay two days on the fascinating western side of the archipelago.

On Saunders we will be able to observe four species of breeding penguins (Gentoo, King, Magellanic and Rockhopper), Black-browed Albatrosses and King Cormorants.

A hike along the shore of Carcass Island will give us views of Magellanic and Gentoo-Penguins, as well as close encounters with water fowl and Night herons and passarines. Weather and conditions depending, we may attempt, instead of Carcass, a landing at Steeple Jason to visit the largest black browed albatross colony in the world (113,000).

We will visit New Island, a beautiful place where we will observe Rockhopper penguins, Blue-eyed Shags and Black-browed Albatrosses. In the afternoon at sea.

Days 8 and 9: Weddell Sea

We might visit Brown Bluff in order to make a continental landing at the Northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. We will sail into the Weddell Sea and if the Antarctic Sound is accessible and the ice does not prevent us to sail further, we might see the huge tabular icebergs that announce our arrival to the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula.

We plan to visit Paulet Island with a million pairs of Adelie Penguins and to see the remains of the Nordenskiöld expedition. Between Snow Hill Island and James Ross Island there are chances to observe Emperor Penguins on the ice-edge making their way to open water. We are on the search!

Day 10: Deception Island

Deception is a sub-ducted crater, which opens into the sea, creating a natural harbor for the ship. Here we find hot springs, an abandoned whaling station, thousands of Cape Pigeons and many Dominican Gulls, Brown and South Polar Skuas and Antarctic Terns. Wilson’s Storm Petrels and Black-bellied Storm Petrels nest in the ruins of the whaling station in Whalers Bay. On our first landing we may visit Macaroni Point, searching for Macaroni Penguins. Conditions allowing we may also land at Baily Head home to a colony of ten thousands Chinstrap Penguins (please note this landing is not always guaranteed and is only possible in good weather conditions). Good walkers may hike from Baily Head over the ridge of the crater into Whalers Bay, while our ship braves its entrance into the crater through the spectacular Neptune’s Bellow into the ring of Deception Island.

Day 11: South Shetland Islands

In the morning we plan to land at Half Moon Island at the South Shetland Islands, where we can observe Elephant, Weddell and Fur Seals as well as Chinstrap Penguins, Blue-eyed Shags, Wilson’s Storm Petrels, Kelp Gulls, Snowy Sheathbills, Antarctic Terns and Antarctic Brown Skuas. Thereafter we will continue our way to the Weddell Sea.

Days 12 and 13: At Sea

On our way north we are again followed by a great selection of seabirds while crossing the Drake Passage.

Day 14: Ushuaia

We arrive in the morning in Ushuaia and disembark.

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