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Spirit of Antarctica
Christmas in Antarctica - Cruise/Fly
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S. Georgia and Antarctic Odyssey Fly/Cruise
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Fly/Cruise Across the Circle
In Shackleton's Footsteps

Polar Pioneer

Polar Pioneer was built in Finland in 1985 as an ice-strengthened research ship, and for many years she plied the treacherous waters of the USSR's northern coast. In 2000 she was refurbished in St Petersburg to provide comfortable accommodation for 56 passengers. A combined bar/lounge/library area (stocked with a good collection of polar books) was also created by simple internal restructuring.

This class of vessel has a fine reputation for polar expedition cruising, due to its strength, manoeuvrability and small number of cabins. All cabins have outside portholes plus ample storage space. The Russian captain and crew are among the most experienced ice-navigators in the world and their enthusiasm is legendary.

The Polar Pioneer is not a luxury vessel. The accommodations are simple yet comfortable, and the meals are wholesome and uncomplicated. The ship has a combined bar/lounge/library area, the bridge is always open to us, and the decks are ideal for viewing. The chefs are Australian, and the dining room is attended by Russian stewardesses. Dining is Family Style - platters set on tables which everyone shares from.  A small fleet of inflatable Zodiacs with outboard motors help you get from from ship to shore.

An Expedition Jacket is given to you onboard when you book a trip on the Polar Pioneer.

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$8,725Full$10,200 $12,340 $13,250 $14,650Full$995  
Camp, Photography, Kayak
$8,725Full$10,200 $12,340 $13,250Full$14,650 $1,050  
$8,725Full$10,200 $12,340Limited$13,250Full$14,650Full$995Full 
$8,725 $10,200 $12,340Limited$13,250Full$14,650Full$995  
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