Ski Antarctica

Land Based Trips
South Pole, Emperor Penguins

Get off the beaten track and experience the most extraordinary ski-touring in the world!

Ski Antarctica is a unique program for ski-tourers and backcountry skiers.  Make first ascents and descents in the amazing alpine terrain of the Heritage Range in Antarctica's Ellsworth Mountains. This is some of the most spectacular ski terrain in Antarctica where every skier will find something fulfilling.

Whether you want to travel through the incredible Connell Canyon or enjoy a quick morning trip up the West face of Mount Rossman, the area offers huge opportunities for ski-touring with numerous valleys giving access to the snowy peaks of the Enterprise Hills, Pioneer Heights and Soholt Peaks. In recent years, snowfalls have given consistently good skiing conditions with boot-top powder being not uncommon!

You can venture off with your guide carrying all your supplies for a self-supported trip, or day tour from the comfort of our main Antarctic camp on the Union Glacier. It’s entirely up to you.  Whichever way you choose, you will experience mountain exploration at its finest and enjoy unlimited views of snow-covered summits and the pristine Antarctic continent.


Union Glacier Camp
The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming at our main Antarctic camp at Union Glacier. You’ll find roomy, double occupancy sleeping tents; a spacious dining hall; fresh delicious meals; and a spectacular setting. You’ll be surprised how comfortable Antarctica can be! Our full-service camp is designed for Antarctic conditions and with best environmental practices in mind. It operates during the Antarctic summer (November through January) and is dismantled at the end of each season.

Field Camps
Our Emperor Penguin, South Pole, ski expedition, and other field camps are more basic. Equipment must be lightweight and portable, yet still strong enough to withstand Antarctic conditions. We sleep in mountaineering-style tents and eat a combination of fresh-frozen meals, prepared by our chefs at Union Glacier; and de-hydrated meals.

Day 1 – Fly to Antarctica

Depart Punta Arenas Chile. Fly 4 ¼ hrs to Antarctica by private transport jet. Land on our ice runway and settle in at Union Glacier Camp.

Day 2 to 3 - Acclimatization and Planning

Spend the first couple of days brushing up on your skiing and getting acclimated to the Antarctic conditions. We will practice avalanche rescue, route finding, ropework, crevasse rescue, navigation and weather observations. During this period you will discuss and plan objectives with your guide and pack your equipment ready for departure.

Days 4 to12 - Ski Touring

After the stunning scenery and unlimited potential, flexibility is the next best thing about the Ski Antarctica program. You can do local day trips and return home each night for dinner in Union Glacier Camp.  Or set out on a 10-day expedition exploring the many valleys and peaks in the region. Numerous valleys and peaks await whether it be a steep line in the Henderson Glacier or first tracks down the magnificent Mount Sporli.

The opportunities for true exploration and discovery on this program are endless. Only a very small group of people have skied in this region and it is more than likely you will be able to make some first descents while you are with us.

Day 13 - Return to Punta Arenas, Chile

The aircraft from Punta Arenas will arrive with a new collection of avid explorers and you depart for the final leg of your Antarctic experience. Our ANI staff will meet you at Punta Arenas airport and transfer you to your hotel.

Please Note:

No two Antarctic experiences are exactly the same. This is part of the excitement and adventure of Antarctic travel. The itinerary above highlights typical activities and experiences. Exact timeline and details will vary from trip to trip. Trip length may vary by departure.

Please anticipate delays and do not plan anything for at least a week after your scheduled return. Allow yourself to enjoy this unique experience without the stress of pending commitments.

* Itinerary may be subject to change

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