Epic High Arctic: Baffin Island Explorer with Greenland

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An exploration of historic Canadian and Greenlandic sites in the Arctic, combined with abundant wildlife and Inuit culture equals one amazing Arctic expedition. This in-depth adventure provides fantastic opportunities for seeing all of the Arctic’s iconic creatures, including polar bears.

Expedition in Brief
• Arctic wildlife – polar bears, whales and walrus
• Traditional Inuit Communities
• Remote National Historic Sites of Canada
• Tundra hiking for all fitness levels
• Zodiac cruising
• Optional kayak adventure option
• UNESCO World Heritage Site in Greenland

Brief Itinerary

Day 1 Toronto, Canada
Day 2 Embarkation Day in Resolute
Day 3 Beechey Island and Radstock Bay
Day 4 Croker Bay and Dundas Harbor
Day 5 Pond Inlet and Eclipse Sound
Day 6 Sam Ford Fjord
Day 7 Isabella Bay
Day 8 Qikiqtarjuak (Broughton Island)
Day 9 At Sea
Day 10 Ilulissat
Day 11 Sisimiut and Itilleq
Day 12 Disembark in Kangerlussuaq
Day 13 Departure

Day 1 — Toronto, Canada

Your Arctic adventure begins a little further south, with an overnight stay in Toronto, one of the most multi-cultural cities in North America.

Day 2 — Embarkation Day in Resolute

After a morning charter flight to Resolute, you’ll have a chance to walk around this small arctic town before being transferred to the ship by Zodiac. Enjoy some time out on deck taking in your new surroundings before you set sail on your Arctic expedition.

Day 3 — Beechey Island and Radstock Bay

At Beechey Island you’ll visit a small grave site with markers for men who died during Sir John Franklin’s expedition in 1845-46. Roald Amundsen also stopped here in 1903 on his successful voyage through the Northwest Passage. For a more ancient perspective, you’ll visit some very well-preserved subterranean homes in Radstock Bay, built by the Thule culture.

Day 4 — Croker Bay and Dundas Harbor

At Croker Bay, there is a possibility you will see the glacier actively calving icebergs into the bay. Just east of here is Dundas Harbor, the now-abandoned settlement where the Royal Canadian Mounted Police manned an outpost from 1924 until 1951. They continue to maintain one of Canada’s most northerly graveyards out of respect to those who lost their lives during this time.

Day 5 — Pond Inlet and Eclipse Sound

Today the community at Pond Inlet (or Mittimatalik, as it has been called by the Inuit for thousands of years) will welcome you to the Artist’s Co-operative. In addition to the internationally renowned art produced here, the people earn their living fishing for Arctic char. Take time to explore the hamlet and hike the nearby tundra.

Day 6 — Sam Ford Fjord

The majestic, impossibly high cliffs of Sam Ford Fjord greet you as you sail past this impassive coast. See “Stump Spire”, first ascended by Conrad Anker and named in honor of a fallen mountaineering friend. Some intrepid folks have been known to trek here from nearby Clyde River and base jump from these rock walls into the frigid waters below! (Not available as an adventure option as of yet.)

Day 7 — Isabella Bay

The Igaliqtuuq National Wildlife Area in Isabella Bay was created to protect the bowhead or Greenland right whales that summer there. Orca or killer whales have been sighted in the vicinity hunting the bowheads, some of which have scars from previous encounters with orcas. A whale watch will be conducted while we are exploring the entrance to the Bay.

Day 8 — Qikiqtarjuak (Broughton Island)

Your last stop in Canada, Qikiqtarjuak is known as the iceberg capital of the world, naturally trapping many icebergs as they travel down the Davis Strait. An abundance of marine wildlife can be seen here as beluga and right whales, narwhals and ring and harp seals pass by. Trek up the many walking trails to join the inukshuk and share its view overlooking the island and the community.

Day 9 — At Sea

Traverse Baffin Bay as you leave behind Canadian shores in pursuit of Greenland.

Day 10 — Ilulissat

Meaning “iceberg” in Greenlandic, Ilulissat is home to the fastest moving glacier outside of Antarctica, Sermeq Kujalleq. This UNESCO World Heritage site is located north of the Arctic Circle, and moves at an average of 19 meters per day. Cruise at a safe distance by zodiac, and if you’re lucky, witness the spectacle of calving ice.

Day 11 — Sisimiut and Itilleq

Explore the 18th-century colonial buildings still standing in Sisimiut. Watch a traditional kayaking demonstration in this northernmost year-round, ice-free port in western Greenland. Continuing southward, the ship will reach the village of Itilleq, a typical Greenlandic community. It is delightfully situated in a hollow (which is the meaning of “Itilleq” in Greenlandic) on an island without any fresh water. The village has approximately 130 inhabitants.

Day 12 — Disembark in Kangerlussuaq

Your final Zodiac ride will take you from the ship to shore. Your time here will be brief, as your flight to Montreal awaits, signaling an end to your time in the Arctic. Upon arrival in Montreal, we will transfer you to your included hotel.

Day 13 — Departure

Today you can make your way home at your leisure or spend some more time in Montreal.

* Itinerary may be subject to change

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