Jim Taylor

Adventurer and Wilderness Guide

Jim started exploring the world at the age of four, when his family moved to Europe. Returning to England for 2 years in his teens allowed him to explore all of Europe. In his early 20's, he initiated a business venture that took him to Asia for a number of years. Since then, Jim has explored many of the world's most remote places, including Alaska, the Arctic and Antarctica and travels the world on a regular basis.

At home near the Cascade Mountains, Jim spends his time flying, diving (both cold and warm water), riding the local trails on his mountain bike and rafting the wild rivers of the Western U.S. and Canada.


Jim's also known as the resident "gear guy." If you have a question about outdoor technology, just ask Jim

"I've always loved getting 'out there' into remote areas of the world where the wildlife outnumber the people and everywhere you turn there is spectacular scenery. River rafting, hiking, flying and expedition cruising let me explore some of those magical, hidden corners of our world. As more and more people inhabit this world it's getting harder and harder to find those magical places. Polar Cruises lets me help others to still experience that magic...in places like Antarctica, the Arctic and other remote areas."