Lynn Cross

Explorer, Guide, Naturalist, Expedition Leader

Lynn's adventures began in 1967, when her father took a teaching job in Chiang Mai Thailand. That first excursion lasted 18 months, but she was hooked for a lifetime. Lynn's love of travel, the outdoors, wildlife and the environment led her to a position with Mountain Travel Sobek. For six years she was the Director of Operations for their Antarctic, Arctic, Patagonia, Rivers and Mountaineering programs. One of Lynn's favorite places is Antarctica, where she worked on more than 15 trips as a guide, expedition leader and naturalist.

"I love my job. It's fun to help people plan trips to exotic places. You can't help but get caught up in their excitement and wish you were traveling with them. As we plan together, my clients become my friends."

The Wonder of Ice

After traveling the world, Lynn's favorite place is Antarctica:

"It's midnight at 65° south. The sky is alive with brilliant shades of magenta, pink and purple. We're in a world of incredible icebergs. The beauty is too inviting. I decide to take the passengers on a zodiac cruise for a more personal look. Lynn_aboutUsImageI turn off the motor and ask everyone in my boat to share five minutes of silence. As we drift through the maze of icebergs, we hear the ice melting. Several of my companions are moved to tears while we feel the awesome splendor of the place. It's magical.

That's what I love about this business. That's the kind of thing that makes me feel I've done my job... giving others a chance to truly experience the power of Antarctica."