Maggie Olson

It was in a college geology class that I fell in love with the National Parks. It became my goal to see as many of our Earth’s Natural Wonders as possible. I have a love of words and a love of the outdoors, so I wanted to work with people who needed my technical aspect of writing scientifically. I am also an Active Duty Army Wife, so I have had the honor of living all over the country and seeing many National Parks.

In my free time I love to read adventure books. I also enjoy white water rafting, swimming, inner tubing in the river or on the snow, and am learning how to kayak.

I joined Polar Cruises in June of 2016 and have been so excited to learn more about the Arctic and Antarctica.

Maggie’s First Trip to Antarctica
My first trip to Antarctica was late March 2017 onboard the Ushuaia. This is a great ship for those not needing a lot of amenities.

As we approached our first zodiac landing I was exorbitantly excited that we were actually in Antarctica and about to see our first penguins and fur seals! The icebergs off site were so blue they took my breath away.

What amazed me were the massiveness of the mountains and glaciers and how they reflected in the sunlight. My first encounter with penguins and seals had me feeling like a child, filled with delight.Maggie_AboutUs As the group made our way up a hill we were presented with this awesome site of what I would call ‘Classic Antarctica’. Mist crowned a snow covered mountain surrounded by crystal clear water, and Gentoo penguins everywhere calling out to each other sounding like donkeys. It made me so happy to be there in that moment.  Shortly after, it started to snow and the mountain disappeared.

The Lemaire Channel is truly something special to behold. We entered the Channel at sunset with snow all over the decks. It was so quiet and peaceful. I was overwhelmed and speechless.

What an amazing place, the bottom of the world ~ Antarctica.  Although hard to put into words, a few that come to mind are magical, mesmerizing, and captivating. I am so grateful to have been able to experience such a treasure and look forward to many more trips.