Nina Spinrad

World Traveler – Cultural Anthropologist
Nina’s earliest memories were of camping in South Africa & Zimbabwe. Her love of the bushveld really came from her Dad whose family would spend six months of the year camping in Botswana. So much of what she learned was during the time spent in the bush, learning to drive in the old family Land Rover, even learning to cook on the bush stove instead of in a kitchen.

Her love for world culture was inspired by time spent with the Bushmen of the Kalahari. She recalls what an impression it made on her to find such a happy and selfless people. This has continued to inspire her appreciation for nature, culture & community.


In her early twenties Nina left South Africa to pursue her love of travel and adventure exploring the small island of Mauritius before moving on to the U.S. After years spent on both the West & East coasts she has finally settled in Bend Oregon joining the Polar Cruises team in May of 2014.

Nina’s First Trip to Antarctica
I had the good fortune to experience my first Antarctic trip in 2015. The majestic beauty and vastness of it all was awe inspiring. My love of camping in the heat of Africa was only surpassed by my experience of camping in a bivy sack in the cold of Antarctica under a sky that never went dark. Taking photographs was especially challenging as I found that my eyes kept darting away from the lens in order to take in the spectacular ice formations which felt alive with light and sound. “It was as if my eyes could not believe what they were seeing”.

I became acutely aware of how the passengers were suddenly quieted by the wonderment of the untouched beauty surrounding us. We were all in absolute reverence of Antarctica recognizing our own insignificance in comparison to the immensity and endlessness of water and ice.