Cruise Dates


We're always asked when is the "best" time to visit Antarctica. Here's the answer:

The Best Time To Visit.

Our Antarctica journeys operate during the austral summer months - November through March. This is the most comfortable period of the Antarctic year and a time when the continent is at its spectacular best. However, within that period, each month has special highlights. Choose your departure date with these possibilities in mind:

November - Early December (late spring - early summer)

  • Winter pack ice begins to melt and break up, creating new landscapes of sculpted ice and pristine icebergs.
  • Courting season for penguins and seabirds - whole colonies in spectacular displays of courtship rituals.
  • Seals visible on fast ice and shorelines.
  • Spring wildflowers blooming on the Falklands and South Georgia Islands.
  • Research activity at its height.
  • Elephant and fur seals establish their breeding territories.

Mid December - January (full summer)

  • Wildlife in full swing as temperatures warm and activity levels rise.
  • Late December and January are usually Antarctica's warmest months.
  • On South Georgia and the Falklands, first penguin chicks emerge and fur seals are breeding.
  • Longer days create great light conditions for fabulous photo opportunities - read a newspaper on deck at midnight!
  • Seal pups visible on South Georgia and the Falklands.
  • Antarctic chicks hatch.
  • Whales increasingly numerous.
  • Receding ice may open new channels for exploration.
  • Christmas and New Year in Antarctica.

February - March (late summer)

  • Beautiful sunrises and sunsets create stunning photo opportunities.
  • Whale sighting at its best.
  • Penguin chicks begin to fledge.
  • Snow algae blooming.
  • Falklands' chicks leaving the nest.
  • Fur seals increasingly common on the Antarctic Peninsula