Antarctica Ships

Polar Cruises offers a wide variety of ships - from rustic to absolute luxury. All are expedition ships, considerably smaller than a typical cruise ship, with a team of naturalist guides versed in the local flora, fauna, environment and history.

Each type of ship offers its unique experience, amenities and advantages based on travel style and budget and are organized into four main categories: Luxury Expedition Ships (5-star amenities), Premium Expedition Ships (upgraded amenities), Expedition Ships (primarily smaller but with safety and comfort), and Land-based Programs (more remote or adventurous experiences).

Below is a complete listing of ships to Antarctica destinations, their categories and passenger capacities. Click on each ship to see full details including destinations, pricing and deck plans.

There are many Antarctica cruises and many tour companies running programs with a wide range of itineraries, dates and prices. The choices are overwhelming to those trying to plan a trip. We review all the Antarctic tours for you and take the time to get to know you and your travel preferences so we can book the best Antarctica trip for you.

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