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Get a bird’s eye view of the continent

Embark on an Odyssey into the heart of Antarctica - a magnificent world of snow and huge skies, pristine views, untouched spaces and profound silence. Immerse yourself in the ultimate wilderness, a place where the sun never sets and footsteps echo in the crystalline air. Live and breathe this huge continent and gain an appreciation of why it has drawn explorers and adventurers to uncover its secrets over the years.

Whether you are looking for pure adventure or gentle exploration, our guides will help you discover the magic and mystery of Antarctica.  Each day you will enjoy a variety of active pursuits: hike over waves of blue ice; ski across frozen sastrugi; explore fantastic ice features; search for fossils; and picnic beside frozen ponds.  Get a bird's eye perspective on a breathtaking sightseeing flight; tour the scenic valley by vehicle; or simply relax and take it all in.

Looking for greater challenges? Just let us know. You can try ice climbing, scramble up a peak, or camp out in the polar wilderness – it’s entirely up to you! At the end of each day, share stories with other adventurers over a glass of Chilean wine and a delicious fresh-cooked dinner prepared by our chefs.

No cold weather or camping experience is required. You stay in our cozy main Antarctic camp on the Union Glacier allowing you the flexibility to participate at your own pace.


Union Glacier Camp
The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming at our main Antarctic camp at Union Glacier. You’ll find roomy, double occupancy sleeping tents; a spacious dining hall; fresh delicious meals; and a spectacular setting. You’ll be surprised how comfortable Antarctica can be! Our full-service camp is designed for Antarctic conditions and with best environmental practices in mind. It operates during the Antarctic summer (November through January) and is dismantled at the end of each season.

Day 1 – Fly to Antarctica

We board our chartered jet for the 4¼ hour flight to Antarctica. Our route crosses the Drake Passage, then follows the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula and the spine of the Ellsworth Mountains. We land on a naturally occurring blue-ice runway on Union Glacier where you will take your first steps on Antarctica.

Climb aboard one of our specially-adapted vans for the 5 mi (8 km) shuttle to our main camp. Our friendly staff will provide a welcome tour of camp and show you to your tent.

Days 2 to 5 – Explore Union Glacier

A typical day at Union Glacier starts with a guest briefing after breakfast where you’ll meet with your guide to discuss the day’s options and choose an activity tailored to the weather and the group’s interest. Our meteorologist will carefully monitor the weather conditions and find the best day for your Scenic Flight.

Whether you venture out for just a few hours or take camping equipment to overnight outside of Union Glacier Camp, our excursions can include any of the following destinations:

Elephant’s Head
Ride in one of our vehicles to this dramatic marble buttress overlooking the blue-ice runway. Beautiful ice pools and moraines offer endless opportunities for photography. If you’re looking for something more active, you’ll have the opportunity to hike up to the base of Elephant’s Head or all the way to the top of Rhodes Bluff for panoramic views of Union Glacier and the Heritage Range.

Drake Icefall
Named in the 1960s after geologist Benjamin Drake IV, this impressive icefall tumbles off the polar plateau into Union Glacier. Winds from the South Pole carve huge waves into the blue-ice and polish the surface into a high shine.

Charles Peak Windscoop
Discover the power of wind on ice as you wander through a sparkling turquoise corridor. If you’re truly adventurous, this is a prime place to try ice climbing with one of our experienced guides. For the less vertically inclined, you can rock hunt to your heart’s content. Just remember to leave them in place, as nothing may be removed from Antarctica.

The Beach at Rossman Cove
Another spectacular setting for blue-ice photography and panoramic views! Take cross-country skis with you or a picnic lunch and enjoy Antarctica’s version of a glacial beach getaway.

Hidden Valley
Our staff’s favorite getaway—this secret canyon opens up to a beautiful valley prime for hiking, climbing, and backcountry skiing.

If you’d prefer to stay closer to camp, we have a variety of activities for all abilities. You can check out a pair of cross-country skis or a fat-tire bike and take a spin around our groomed 10k loop or you can enjoy a cup of tea, an Antarctic book, or fun game in our camp library.

In the evenings, we regularly offer lectures and films tailored to your experience. You may also have the opportunity to meet visiting scientists and learn about their current research projects.

Scenic Flight
Once weather conditions permit, you will board our ski aircraft and get a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking Ellsworth Mountains including the Heritage and Sentinel Ranges. Majestic peaks and nunataks rise out of the endless Antarctic ice and form some of the most spectacular scenery on the continent.

No matter where your flight takes you, enjoy a truly unique perspective of a landscape few will ever experience.

Day 6 – Return to Punta Arenas, Chile

When weather and runway conditions permit, our intercontinental aircraft will arrive at Union Glacier to transport you back to Chile. Our staff will meet you at the airport and transfer you back to your hotel.


Every effort will be made to keep to the scheduled flight date and we will depart as soon as weather and runway conditions permit. Please understand that delays are common in Antarctic travel. All flights are dependent on weather, aircraft serviceability, and local conditions. Our staff will stay in close contact with you and will provide you with regular flight updates.

* Itinerary may be subject to change

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