Ross Sea, East Antarctica Ships and Specialty Trips

(12-125 Passenger Range)

The sub-antarctic islands and Ross Sea region of Antarctica offers very unique opportunities but is characterized by much longer trips with more time at sea.   Some of the unique sites and sights found on a Ross Sea visit:

• Historic Huts
• Dry Valleys
• Awe-inspiring Ross Ice Shelf
• Majestic snow-capped volcano of Mount Erebus
• McMurdo Station
• Scott Base
• Enormous Adélie Penguin rookeries
• Emperor Penguins

The forgotten islands of the South Pacific, are the Galapagos' of Antarctica. They include the following: Snares, Aucklands, Macquarie, Campbell, Antipodes, and Bounty Islands. These islands can be numbered among the last unspoilt environments on Earth, they are home to a rich diversity of plants, seabirds and marine mammals, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Nine species of great albatross come ashore to breed, as do many different species of petrels, prions and shearwaters. Eight species of penguin, three of which are endemic, breed on the Islands and the world's rarest sea lion makes its home in the Auckland and Campbell Islands.

• Abundant wildlife
• A birders paradise
• 8 species of penguins
• 9 species of Albatross
• Hooker Sea Lion


Land Based trips offer a completely different experience of Antarctica including visits to the South Pole, Emperor Penguins, trekking  and other very adventurous itineraries.

Spirit of Enderby Cruise Ship
Spirit of Enderby
50 Passengers
Ross Sea
50 Passengers
Ross Sea
Land Based Trips
Emperor & South Pole: Union Glacier Camp from Punta Arenas
Whichaway Land-Based Antarctic Specialty Trips
Emperor & South Pole: Whichaway Camp from Cape Town
12 Passengers