Ships with Adventure Options

(55-190 Passenger Range)

Ships with Adventure Options are expedition vessels that offer adventure options for travelers who seek a more active trip.  Available adventure options depend on the specific ship and trip, and all options are not available on all ships. There is an additional fee for these optional adventures (except for camping), and they limit the number of participants on each departure. In some cases, previous experience is necessary to participate.
Adventure Options include: overnight camping on shore, sea kayaking, mountaineering, cross-country-skiing, diving, and more (weather and conditions permitting). These options provide unique opportunities to interact directly with Antarctica and explore the wilderness in a more active way.

This category of ship still adheres to the principles of conservation and preservation and world exploration for the fortunate few. These vessels let you get up-close and personal with the beauty of Antarctica while having minimal impact on the local environment. All are equipped with a fleet of Zodiac landing craft and staffed by qualified expedition leaders, experienced naturalists and lecturers.
You can’t go wrong aboard one of these ships for your Antarctica voyage.