Expedition Ships

(50-200 Passenger Range)

Expedition ships are the bread and butter of Arctic exploration. Though the ships themselves aren’t small – they displace from 2000 to over 5000 tons – they are designed to carry small groups of passengers for a more intimate travel experience.

Expedition cruising began in 1966. This category of ship still adheres to the principles of conservation and preservation and world exploration for the fortunate few. These vessels let you get up-close and personal with the beauty of the Arctic while having minimal impact on the local environment. All are equipped with a fleet of Zodiac landing craft and staffed by qualified expedition leaders, experienced naturalists and lecturers.

You can’t go wrong aboard one of these ships for your Arctic voyage.

Vavilov Cruise Ship
92 Passengers
Adventure Options
Ioffe Cruise Ship
96 Passengers
Adventure Options
Ocean Nova Cruise Ship
Ocean Nova
68 Passengers
Adventure Options
Plancius Cruise Ship
116 Passengers
Adventure Options
Ortelius Cruise Ship
116 Passengers
Ocean Adventurer Arctic Cruise Ship
Ocean Adventurer
132 Passengers
Adventure Options
Polar Pioneer Cruise Ship
Polar Pioneer
54 Passengers
Adventure Options
Expedition Cruise Ship
134 Passengers
Adventure Options
Ocean Endeavour Cruise Ship
Ocean Endeavour
198 Passengers
Adventure Options
Spirit of Enderby Cruise Ship
Spirit of Enderby
50 Passengers
Russian Far East
Sea Adventurer Cruise Ship
Ocean Adventurer — Z
120 Passengers
Adventure Options
48 Passengers
Northeast Passage