Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari

Floe Edge Camp
Floe Edge Camp
16 Passengers

See the elusive and mystical narwhal on this exclusive fly-in safari!

Experience the classic spring floe edge and view polar bears and narwhals under the midnight sun. Travel to the northern reaches of Baffin Island when the sea ice begins to melt and marine mammals and other wildlife congregate at the floe edge. Dramatic landscapes and a fascinating, thriving eco-system welcome you for your chance to view pods of narwhal, a variety of sea birds, polar bears, seals, and possibly bowhead whales and beluga.

Situated on an Arctic beach, with stunning views of Bylot Island, our Premium Arctic Safari Camp provides a comfortable home-away-from-home and a perfect respite after an exciting day spent out on the floe edge. Located in Navy Board Inlet, just outside of Sirmilik National Park, (which means “place of glaciers”) our camp enjoys a striking backdrop of towering cliffs and glistening glaciers.

Travel by snowmobile and qamutik (a traditional Inuit sled pulled by snowmobile) to the floe edge for full days of discovery. Armed with cameras we journey to traditional Inuit hunting grounds with Inuit guides, and learn about the history and rich culture of the region.

Snorkel and kayak at the floe edge amongst sea ice, and enjoy hikes, climbing sparkling icebergs, gazing up at thousands of birds flying over the nearby cliffs, and drinking refreshing glacial melt-water tea.

This Arctic safari is perfect for families, first-time visitors and professional photographers.

• Experience the floe edge – also known as the “line of life”
• Get aerial views of dramatic landscapes during a fly-in experience to our Premium Safari Camp
• Observe the tusked narwhal, from pods of one to hundreds, while they rest and feed near the floe edge
• Possible viewing opportunities for polar bears, bearded seals, ringed seals, bowhead whales, and beluga
• Visit the Bylot Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary, which attracts more than 200,000 birds annually
• Journey by snowmobile and qamutik to traditional Inuit hunting grounds
• Enjoy tea made of melt-water from hundreds of years old icebergs
• Snorkel and kayak surrounding sea ice
• Experience the 24-hour daylight of the Midnight Sun
• Take in stunning panoramic views of cliffs and glaciers
• Enjoy hot, gourmet meals at our Premium Safari Camp

Brief Itinerary

Day 1 Pond Inlet to Floe Edge Camp
Days 2 to 5 Floe Edge Camp
Day 6 Floe Edge Camp to Pond Inlet
Day 7 Depart

Day 1 — Pond Inlet to Floe Edge Camp

Upon landing in Pond Inlet, you will be welcomed by an expedition representative and transfer to the private plane for your short flight into camp. Have your cameras ready for stunning aerial views of the vast Arctic landscapes, including dramatic mountains and icebergs in Sirmilik National Park. Settle in to camp and enjoy a hot dinner with your fellow adventurers.

Days 2 to 5 — Floe Edge Camp

Take trips to the floe edge by snowmobile and qamutik. Observe prolific wildlife and spectacular Arctic landscapes, and enjoy mild spring weather. In small groups, take day trips in the area and engage in a variety of activities both on land, such as guided hikes, and at the floe edge. Snorkel and kayak amongst sea ice and possibly within the presence of whales.

One of the greatest highlights for many guests on this safari is the opportunity to observe a variety of Arctic wildlife in their natural habitat, including narwhal, beluga, bowhead whales, seals, and polar bears. Migratory birds are also in abundance. Ice conditions permitting, you may also visit the Bylot Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary, where more than 200,000 birds choose to nest each year.

Delve into the Inuit culture on a journey to traditional Inuit hunting grounds, by qamutik and snowmobile. You may also have a chance to visit the evocative ancient Thule sites, where you will see the traditional tent rings and learn about the culture and history of the ancestors of Inuit.

Day 6 — Floe Edge Camp to Pond Inlet

After another full day enjoying the High Arctic wilderness, fly directly out of camp to Pond Inlet. Explore the town at your leisure and spend your final night in a hotel.

Day 7 — Depart

Transfer to the Pond Inlet airport. Board your flight back to Ottawa and onwards to home.

* Itinerary may be subject to change