Tented Safari Camp

Our camps are inspired by the traditional camps of Inuit, polar expeditions and African-style mobile tented safaris. Pioneers of the Arctic Safari, we have weaved together traditional and modern technology to provide the best, authentic Arctic experience.

While they may appear like a tented camp from the outside, our Tented Safari Camp continually surprises and delights all guests with its roomy and warm, heated interior.

The sleep tents are large and spacious at 6’9” (2m) tall and an interior of  90 sq. feet (8m²), they include a large entrance vestibule, ample standing room and space for all your cameras and luggage. All sleep tents contain two twin beds.

The insulated walls acts as a greenhouse capturing the warmth of the sun, keeping you warm on even the coolest days. For those that want it a little toastier, a heater is provided.

In the springtime (tented safari camp on ice): The Tented Safari Camp is set up on a minimum of 6 feet (2m) of solid ice and the two beds are equipped with mattresses, sleeping bags with personal liners and full size pillows.

In the summertime (tented safari camp on land): The Tented Safari Camp is set up on land and the two beds are equipped with mattresses, duvets, comforters, and full-size pillows.

• 6’9” (2m) tall with an interior of 90 sq feet (8m²)
• All sleep tents have two beds
• Central dining/lounge area to dine and relax in with other guests
• Shared washrooms with other guests