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Tundra Lodge
Tundra Lodge
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This is simply the most extraordinary polar bear experience available. Stay at the Tundra Lodge, situated outside Churchill directly on the vast expanse of the subarctic tundra. From your own private cabin window, the main lounge or the open-air observation platforms, you have constant proximity to polar bears in the area, at all hours of the day. As evening falls, remain in the domain of the polar bear to experience sunset across the snow and ice. Safe inside our warm lodge, you'll enjoy surprising comfort, considering our austere environs. This custom “train” of connected bedrooms, dining room and lounge car is built on wheels, allowing us to station it for optimal bear viewing each season. There’s no more thorough immersion in the polar bear's Arctic realm than on this most distinctive northern adventure!

• Stay at one of the world’s truly unique accommodations: a mobile hotel designed for polar bear observation, placed each season directly in the bears’ habitat
• From the Tundra Lodge, enjoy incomparable polar bear viewing at all times of the day and night in our exclusive small-group setting
• Make daily excursions by Polar Rover over the tundra and along the shores of Hudson Bay in search of polar bears and other Arctic wildlife

Brief Itinerary

Day 1 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Day 2 Winnipeg / Churchill / Tundra Lodge
Days 3 & 4 Tundra Lodge—Polar Bear Viewing
Day 5 Churchill / Winnipeg
Day 6 Winnipeg / Depart

Day 1 — Winnipeg, Manitoba

Arrive in Winnipeg, once a fur-trading post and boomtown for the Canadian Pacific Railway, today Manitoba’s cultural and commercial capital at the eastern edge of Canada’s vast prairies. Transfer to the historic Fort Garry Hotel, grande dame of Winnipeg hospitality and one of the city’s most prestigious landmarks. Meet your expedition leader at an orientation and welcome dinner this evening.

Day 2 — Winnipeg / Churchill / Tundra Lodge

Fly to Churchill and transfer to the Tundra Lodge by Polar Rover, watching for Arctic wildlife against the vast tundra backdrop along the way. A presentation on polar bears by our expedition leader provides an enlightening introduction to our northern adventure. Dinner this evening is prepared by our professional chef, who resides at the lodge throughout the season. Don’t be surprised, though, if our meal is interrupted by a mad dash to the windows to watch a polar bear lumbering over the muskeg or snow around the lodge.

Days 3 & 4 — Tundra Lodge—Polar Bear Viewing

The Tundra Lodge is strategically positioned at the beginning of each season in a spot that attracts the greatest number of polar bears in the Churchill area. Inquisitive bears often approach the lodge, which features rows of windows and raised observation decks to accommodate our own curiosity. We find Ursus maritimus even more majestic up close than we could have imagined. Yet these giant bears, the largest land carnivores in the world, are charming and whimsical, too, and we are aware of what a rare treasure it is to see them in their wild habitat. As we watch them interact, we're delighted by their antics and rugged beauty. We may see mothers protecting and teaching their cubs, young males play-fighting, or massive adults patrolling the shore as they wait for the bay to freeze, which signals the start of their winter seal-hunting season.

The unique location of the Tundra Lodge, combined with excursions in our special all-terrain tundra vehicles called Polar Rovers, affords lodge guests the best possible wildlife encounters in the region. The small spit of land where the lodge is located often attracts the greatest number of bears in the entire area. Our guide and group may opt to take a full-day excursion together, or split time between a half-day trip and viewing bears from the lodge. In addition to polar bears, we may see caribou, Arctic fox, Arctic hare, ptarmigan and snowy owls. At the end of each exhilarating day, we retire to our cozy accommodations for dinner and presentations. In the light cast by our lodge across the frozen tundra, we look for the illuminated eyes of animals. And if we are fortunate to have a clear night, the Northland’s spectacular natural light show may appear as darkness descends—Churchill has some of the world’s most concentrated aurora borealis activity.

Day 5 — Churchill / Winnipeg

This morning we board our Polar Rover, leaving the frosty coastline of Hudson Bay in the distance as we make our way back to Churchill. Our return flight to Winnipeg is scheduled to depart in the mid to late afternoon, to offer as much time as possible for exploring Churchill today. This rough-and-tumble town was once a historic Hudson's Bay Company fur trading post, and even today it retains much of its frontier character. A special highlight this morning is a traditional dog sled ride. We'll meet a local musher and his team, spending time with the enthusiastic huskies before taking turns riding behind them on a thrilling excursion through the boreal forest. If time permits, you may be able to pick up a few northern handicrafts and souvenirs or take an optional helicopter tour over the tundra before we depart. We'll have a farewell lunch together before flying back to Winnipeg, where we have a final reception before our adventure concludes.

Day 6 — Winnipeg / Depart

After breakfast, a transfer to the airport is provided for homeward flights.

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