Luxury Expedition Ships

(100-200 Passenger Range)

Luxury Class doesn’t have to do with the size of the ship, but rather the class of travel. A luxury ship offers upscale accommodations, spacious public spaces and lounges, a variety of amenities that include larger cabin size, upgraded bedding, meals, and service.

Luxury ships were built for passenger cruising, come with ice-strengthened hulls, stabilizers for motion control and ample Zodiacs for cruising & landings. The ship range in passenger numbers from 70-200.

It’s expedition cruising with a touch of class.

World Explorer Luxury Expedition Cruise Ship
World Explorer
176 Passengers
Adventure Options
Resolute Arctic Cruise Ship
146 Passengers
Adventure Options
Hondius Luxury Expedition Cruise Ship
176 Passengers
Adventure Options
Greg Mortimer Luxury Expidition Cruise Ship
Greg Mortimer
120 Passengers
Adventure Options
Sea Spirit Cruise Ship
Sea Spirit
114 Passengers
Adventure Options
National Geographic Explorer Cruise Ship
National Geographic Explorer
148 Passengers
National Geographic Orion Cruise Ship
National Geographic Orion
106 Passengers
National Geographic Endurance
National Geographic Endurance
126 Passengers
Silver Explorer Cruise Ship
Silver Explorer
144 Passengers
Silver Cloud Expedition Cruise Ship
Silver Cloud
240 Passengers
Le Boreal Cruise Ship
Le Boreal
199 Passengers
Caledonian Sky Cruise Ship
Caledonian Sky - Z
100 Passengers
Le Champlain Luzury Arctic Cruise Ship
Le Champlain — Z
160 Passengers
Le Bellot Luxury Expedition Cruise Ship
Le Bellot - Z
160 Passengers
Sea Spirit - C Arctic Luxury Expedition Cruise Ship
Sea Spirit - C