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Scottish Highlands and the Norwegian Fjords
Norwegian Fjords from Scotland
Norwegian Fjords and Scottish Highlands
Norwegian Fjords to Scotland
Scottish Highlands and Norwegian Arctic Encompassed
Norwegian Arctic Encompassed
Arctic Highlights and Polar Bears

With a maximum of 134 passengers, the Expedition provides an intimate small ship cruising experience. Completely refurbished in 2009, she boasts spacious cabins, each featuring ocean-facing windows or portholes and private en-suite facilities. Large common areas and observation decks provide panoramic views of the distinctive landscapes of some of the most remote regions on earth. While many expedition cruise operators will promise you space, comfort or expertise—the Expedition delivers it all and at a price that few can better.

* 360° Observation Deck
* Raised Forward Observation Deck
* Large Fleet of zodiacs
* Complimentary Wellington Boots for duration of your cruise
* Complimentary Waterproof Jacket
* Complimentary destination guide for every passenger
* Large Mud Room
* Lonely Planet Library
* Expedition Lounge
* Fine dining – one sitting, International cuisine
* Polar Bear Pub
* Gift Shop
* Medical Clinic and expedition doctor
* Fitness Center/Sauna
* Computer Room
* Gym
* Communication: Telephone, internet, GMDSS, satellite C, B & M

With a focus on safety, comfort and the unique demands of polar travel, the crew of the M/S Expedition is committed to the ship’s continued safe operation.


* Forward-looking sonar reduces the risk of its grounding on uncharted reefs or rocks.
* Designed to Ice Class 1B specifications for service in sea ice.
* Four totally covered liferafts provide capacity for all passengers and crew, while six liferafts boast a capacity of 150 persons.
* Full immersion cold weather survival suits for all passengers and crew

* Built: Helsingr Skibsvaerft, Denmark, 1972 (2009)
* Ice Class: Swedish/Finnish 1B
* Length: 105m (345 ft)
* Breadth: 18.6m (61 ft)
* Max Draft: 4.7m (15 ft)
* Gross Tonnage: 6334 GRT
* Cruising Speed: 13 knots
* Stabilizers: Fins, Type Brown/AEG
* Passenger Capacity: 134 (maximum)
* Crew: 55 plus Expedition staff

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$6,199 $6,799 $8,499Full$9,599 $10,699 $11,699Limited
$5,199 $5,799 $7,499 $8,599 $9,699 $10,699 
$5,599 $6,199 $7,699Full$8,699 $9,599 $10,599Limited
$4,599 $5,199 $6,699Full$7,699 $8,599 $9,599Limited
$7,499 $8,399 $9,999Full$11,299 $12,399Limited$13,499Full
$6,499 $7,399 $8,999Full$10,299 $11,399Limited$12,499Full
$4,399 $4,999 $6,1991 Berth$6,999Limited$7,999 $8,999 
$4,399 $4,999 $6,1991 Berth$6,999 $7,999 $8,999Full
$5,999 $6,799 $7,999Full$8,999Full$9,999 $10,999Full
$4,5991 Berth$5,199 $6,499Full$7,199 $8,299 $9,299 
$5,999 $6,799 $7,999Full$8,999 $9,999Full$10,999Full
Includes German Language
$4,299Full$4,999 $5,599Full$5,999Full$7,499Full$8,499Limited
Includes German Language
$6,199 $6,999 $8,299Full$9,299 $10,299Limited$11,399 
Includes German Language
$6,199 $6,999 $8,299Limited$9,299 $10,299 $11,399 
$6,9991 Berth$7,999 $9,399Full$10,499 $11,599Limited$12,799Limited
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Single Supplement is 1.6 times the regular price. Please note that evacuation insurance is mandatory on all cruises.

Kayaking Excursion limited to 10 people at a rate of $749 and must be booked prior to departure. Restricted to participants 18 and older.

Adventure options must be pre-booked and paid for prior to start of the trip. Space is subject to availability. Some activities require experience.

All trips subject to possible fuel surcharge.


   Category 1A Quad
2 upper, 2 lower berths › Full en suite bathroom › Porthole view
Deck 2
    Category 1 Triple
1 upper, 2 lower berths › Full en suite bathroom › Porthole view
Deck 2
  Category 2 Twin
2 lower berths › Full en suite bathroom › Porthole view
Deck 2
  Category 3 Twin
2 lower berths › Full en suite bathroom › Window view
Deck 3
  Category 4 Twin
2 lower berths › Full en suite bathroom › Large window views
Deck 4
  Category 5 Suite
Queen bed, lounge area › Full en suite bathroom › Large window views
Deck 4