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Islands of the North Sea - Laeso, Shetlands and Orkneys
Through the North Atlantic - From Scotland to Svalbard
Four Arctic Islands
In the Wake of Eric the Red - Iceland to Greenland
Into the North West Passage
In the Wake of Eric the Red - Greenland to Iceland
The Wild Side of Greenland: North East & The National Park
The Wild Side of Greenland: Milne Land & Scoresbysund

Ocean Albatros is a revolutionary and stylish cruise ship that will combine the advantages of a small expedition vessel with the stability and comfort of a larger cruise ship. With a maximum capacity of 189 passengers, this compact-design ship will offer an intimate atmosphere with great personal service. At the same time, it will offer the stability and smooth ride of a bigger ship, while also offering all the luxury comforts of today. Ocean Albatros is under construction and will deploy in time for the 2023 Arctic season.

With a total of 95 comfortable and spacious staterooms for our guests, all with an unobstructed panoramic view of the ocean, most with their own balcony, two restaurants, a wellness area including a heated swimming pool, two jacuzzies and a spa, a Nordic Bar and a modern lecture lounge, this ship truly delivers on all the comfort needs of today’s explorers. Ocean Albatros is also a “comfort class” certified vessel, meaning it operates with the lowest noise and vibration levels in the industry.

The ship is clean certified and has tier-3 compliant engines, the least polluting engines in the world, with up to 80% lower emissions than traditional expedition vessels. Onboard we implement a complete “Green Initiative Program” that includes removal of single use plastics, only using bio-degradable and eco-friendly products, offering sustainable seafood and organic fair-trade coffee and teas.

The patented X-bow provides a more comfortable sailing and helps to prevent passengers’ discomforts. Additionally, it helps to maintain higher speed and keep to the planned expedition schedule in rough seas.

The Zero-Speed stabilizers provide more comfort and deliver a proven reduction of the “ship roll”. Combined with the benefits of dynamic positioning and a total five Zodiac loading locations, we can deliver faster Zodiac operations and spend more time exploring the unique wonders of Antarctica.

Nine different types of modern, exclusive cabins, all with unobstructed views, most with panoramic views of the Antarctic landscape.
• Dedicated solo cabins without single supplement
• Family-friendly cabins
• Family Rooms with connecting door
• Unobstructed panoramic view in all cabins
• Modern fresh Nordic design & standards
• Comfort class certified

EXCLUSIVE SUITE SERVICES (Premium Suite and Categories A & B only):
• Unlimited access to specialty restaurant Deck 8
• Minibar
• Butler service
• Free laundry
• Free pressing
• Free boot cleaning service
• Daily Canapes served in room
• Julius Meinl Espresso machine
• Upgraded amenities: hair, lotion products
• Unobstructed panoramic view in all cabins

After an unforgettable expedition during the day, guests can relax in the heated swimming pool and two jacuzzies, or they can an enjoy being pampered in the Polar Spa. For the active explorer, we offer a fully equipped gym with some of the best views in the industry.

The Ocean Albatros offers several bars and lounges for socializing with a large selection of drinks, including wine tasting menus developed in partnership with French wine producer and expert Gerard Bertrand, who is a leader in producing biodynamic farmed wines.

On board Ocean Albatros, you will find kitchen professionals and chefs who take great pride in bringing gastronomic experiences to keep your tastebuds satisfied. The carefully designed menu has been developed in the interest of maintaining the well-being of guests, while emphasizing freshness, diversity and delectable choices. Dinner always starts with delicious hot soups, cold cuts and crisp, fresh salads. Several choices of entrees are offered each evening, to accommodate different tastes and dietary requirements; always including a meat choice, fish choice and vegetarian choice. After dinner, freshly prepared desserts, including ship-made ice cream or cakes are a great way to end a meal and satisfy any sweet tooth!

• Restaurant on deck 5
• Observation speciality restaurant on deck 8
• Observation Lounge
• Nordic Bar lounge
• Modern lecture lounge and Polar library
• Hydraulic observation platforms
• Mudroom with 5 Zodiac boarding areas
• Infinity pool, jacuzzis and pool bar
• Polar Spa / Wellness area / Gym
• Ocean Boutique
• 93 spacious comfortable staterooms
• Dedicated single staterooms
• All cabins with panoramic ocean view
• 75% of all staterooms with panoramic balcony
• Environmentally friendly
• Green initiative program
• X-Bow for more stability and comfort
• Polar code Class 6
• Highest Ice Class 1A
• 4 diesel engines and 2 electro engines
• Solas classification

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Rates Arctic 2023
Cat G
Cat F
Cat D
Cat C
Cat B2
Cat B1
Cat A
$3,690 $2,290 $3,290 $3,190 $3,490 $3,890 $4,490 $5,290 $6,290 
$6,590 $4,290 $5,790 $5,490 $6,290 $6,990 $8,290 $9,690 $11,290 
$6,990 $4,490 $5,990 $5,790 $6,590 $7,290 $8,790 $10,190 $11,790 
$7,290 $4,590 $6,290 $5,990 $6,790 $7,490 $8,990 $10,490 $11,990 
$7,490 $4,790 $6,490 $6,190 $6,990 $7,790 $9,390 $10,790 $12,490 
$9,490 $6,290 $8,290 $7,990 $8,990 $9,990 $11,490 $13,490 $15,790 
$9,790 $6,490 $8,490 $8,290 $9,290 $10,490 $11,990 $13,990 $16,490 
$9,990 $6,690 $8,790 $8,490 $9,590 $10,690 $12,490 $14,490 $16,990 
$9,990 $6,490 $8,990 $8,490 $9,590 $10,790 $12,790 $14,590 $17,590 
$9,990 $6,590 $8,790 $8,490 $9,490 $10,590 $12,490 $13,990 $16,990 
$6,990 $4,590 $5,990 $5,790 $6,590 $7,290 $8,790 $9,990 $11,490 
$6,990 $4,590 $5,990 $5,790 $6,590 $7,290 $8,790 $9,990 $11,490 
$12,490 $8,290 $10,790 $10,590 $11,990 $13,290 $15,290 $17,890 $20,990 
$8,990 $5,790 $7,990 $7,790 $8,490 $9,590 $11,490 $12,990 $14,990 
$8,290 $5,290 $7,290 $6,990 $7,790 $8,790 $10,290 $11,990 $13,490 
$7,990 $4,990 $6,990 $6,890 $7,490 $8,490 $9,990 $11,490 $12,990 
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Rates based on shared occupancy.

Dedicated Triple in Category F. Possible triple rooms in Categories C, B2 & A.; third person in the same room is at 50% off (except Cat F)

Shared accommodations are only available in Category F and Category C

10% off on second room for family booking; only for two rooms with connecting doors (Category B and C only)

Single supplement 75%

VIP service included for Categories B1, B2, A and Premium Suites: unlimited access to the specialty restaurant, Julius Meinl coffee machine, upgraded hair and lotion products, stocked minibar, wine and fruit in-room at commencement of cruise, free laundry.

Kayaking: $250. Snowshoeing: $150.


   Premium Two-Room Suite
The largest of all the cabins on board, this 2-bedroom suite features a double bed (or twin beds), a sofa bed, table and chair, a private observation deck and spacious bathroom. Located on deck. 4.
Approximately 485 sq ft/45 m²
   Category A - Junior Suite
These suites have a great view from their location high up on the ship on deck 7. The suites feature a double bed or twin beds, sofa bed, seating area, a spacious bathroom and private observation deck. The cabin can accommodate up to 3 people.
Approximately 450 sq ft/42 m²
   Balcony Suite B1
These two suites on deck 4 feature double or twin beds and a seating area, bathroom and an extra-large private observation deck.
Approximately 375 sq ft/35 m²
  Balcony Suite B2
These four suites on decks 4 & 6 feature double or twin beds and a seating area, bathroom and an extra-large private observation deck.
Approximately 300 sq ft/28 m²
   Category C - Balcony Stateroom
The most abundant type of cabin, the Balcony Staterooms are located in decks 4 & 6. They have a private observation deck, a double bed or two single beds, a bathroom and a sofa that can be used as a bed for a child if traveling as a family. Connecting staterooms are available in this category.
Approximately 260 sq ft/24 m²
   Category D - Albatros Stateroom
These staterooms are close to the Mudroom and have quick access to the Zodiac platforms for disembarkation during landings. This is very convenient if you have more limited mobility and would like a short distance to the Zodiacs. The cabins are perfect for those who wish a comfortable base during their stay. All have 2 single beds and a bathroom. One of the cabins is located on deck 4, and the rest on deck 3.
Approximately 240 sq ft/22 m²
   Category E French Balcony Suite
These standard cabins feature a french balcony, a double bed, floor-to-ceiling windows and a bathroom. All are located on Deck 7.
Approximately 175 sq ft/16 m²
  Category F - Triple Porthole
These cabins feature portholes with private en-suites. Located on Deck 3, they’re close to the mudroom and loading platforms.
Approximately 240 sq ft/22 m²
  Category G - Single Porthole
These deck 3 cabins are conveniently located close to the Mudroom which facilitates access to the Zodiacs for off-ship excursions. Perfect for solo travelers.
Approximately 195 sq ft/18 m²