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This epic journey combining the three islands of Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland showcases the uniqueness and splendor of the Arctic nature. There are few wilder, more magnificent and untouched areas than the North Atlantic extensions of the Norwegian Sea, Greenland Sea and Denmark Strait. Here one often finds the harsh Arctic climate, both at sea and on the amazing islands, which is why it’s ideal to visit in the middle of the summer, where ice, snow and freezing temperatures are replaced by a midnight sun and mild, warm weather.

Before leaving Svalbard, we have plenty of time to explore small towns as well as spectacular islands and fjords on the west coast. From here, we’ll head south to the southwest and through the pack ice along the coast of East Greenland, with a visit to the isolated Norwegian island Jan Mayen along the way, where there is also plenty of time to watch the seabirds, dolphins and whales from the deck, common areas or cabins of the ship. How close we get to East Greenland and the route to Iceland is entirely determined by the spread of the pack ice and what our captain finds as the safest path. In any case, we follow the edge of the ice as closely as possible, where the chances are best to see the king of the Arctic, the iconic polar bear, and its prey, the seals before the voyage ends in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík.

• Cruise between all four spectacular islands in amazing Arctic climate
• Svalbard archipelago, with midnight sun as well as beautiful glaciers and fjords
• The small, steep and highly isolated Norwegian island of Jan Mayen
• Looking for the polar bears along the ice pack out of East Greenland's deserted coasts
• Witness Spitsbergen’s history at Bellsund which some of the first whalers called home
• Crossing the Arctic Circle at 66 degrees North
• See whales, walruses, seabirds and other amazing wildlife up close
• Zodiac cruises in the fjords and nature walks on the tundra

Brief Itinerary

Day 1 Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen, Boarding Ocean Atlantic
Day 2 Ny Ålesund, Ny London and Lilienhöök Glacier
Day 3 Former whaling station at Smeerenburg and Ytre Norskøya
Day 4 Call in beautiful Bellsund, Vårsolbukta and Calypsobyen
Day 5 Wildlife around Hornsund at Isbjørnehamna
Day 6 Towards Jan Mayen looking for seabirds, dolphins and whales
Day 7 Shore landing by Zodiacs on Jan Mayen
Days 8 & 9 Scouting the pack ice and the fjord of Scorebysund, planned visit at Ittoqqortoormiit
Days 10 & 11 Cruising the Blosseville coast - At Sea towards Iceland
Day 12 Reykjavík Arrival and Disembarkation

Full itinerary coming soon.

* Itinerary may be subject to change

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   Premium Two-Room Suite
These 2-room suites are designed with a large double bed or two twin beds, an elegant living room, large private bathroom and windows. (Deck 5)
Approximately 375 sq ft/35 m²
   Panorama Window Suite A
Featuring a double bed or two single beds, a relaxing sitting area, private bathroom and windows. (Deck 5)
Approximately 200-260 sq ft/19-24 m²
   Panorama Window Suite B
Featuring a double bed or two single beds, a relaxing sitting area, private bathroom and windows. Partly obstructed view. (Decks 7 & 8)
Approximately 215-250 sq ft/20-23 m²
   Category C Twin Window
This Standard Cabin has two single beds, private bathroom, and a window. (Decks 4 & 5)
Approximately 130-140 sq ft/12-13 m²
   Category D Twin Porthole
Featuring two single beds, private bathroom, and a porthole. (Deck 4)
Approximately 120-130 sq ft/11-12 m²
   Category E Inside Twin
Large inside cabin, featuring a double or two single beds, a relaxing sitting area, and a bathroom with a bathtub. (Deck 5)
Approximately 190-225 sq ft/18-21 m²
  Category F Inside Triple
Large inside triple cabin, featuring a double or two single beds, and a fold-out single bed, a relaxing sitting area and a bathroom with a bathtub, and a porthole. (Deck 5)
Approximately 190-225 sq ft/18-21 m²
  Category G Single Porthole
Cabin features a single bed, private bathroom, and a porthole. (Deck 4)
Approximately 95-105 sq ft/9-10 m²