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Be Prepared for your Adventure of a Lifetime

What do you do when the unexpected happens during travel to remote Antarctica or the Arctic?  What if you lose your passport? Or your luggage disappears? Or your flight is delayed? We're here to answer those questions!



Greg Mortimer Ship

Greg Mortimer ship review – Maiden Voyage Oct 30-Nov 10, 2019

Polar Cruises team member Shari Hatcher was on the October 2019 maiden voyage of the ship Greg Mortimer.


Solo Travelers to Antarctica and the Arctic

If it’s been your dream to step foot on the 7th continent, cruise the

Mountaineering Antarctica

Basecamp Antarctica Trip Report: Mar 7, 2019 aboard the Ortelius

Basecamp is a great way to get a taste of all the various activities offered on trips to Antarctica: camping, kayaking, mountaineering/snowshoeing and photography.

Leopard Seal

Antarctic Peninsula Trip Report: Feb 6, 2019 aboard the Sea Spirit

What an amazing voyage! Antarctica never disappoints. Even when you think you know what to expect, it will still surprise you in a new way.

Polar Photography

Polar Photography

Blue icebergs, white-capped mountains, porpoising penguins in Antarctica, Polar bears in the Arctic, whale flukes and everything starkly beautiful about the Polar regions excites the budding photog

East Greenland Landscape

East Greenland Trip Report: Sep 1-10, 2018 aboard the Ocean Nova

If I had one word to describe my recent voyage to East Greenland, it would be EPIC!

North Pole Icebreaker

North Pole - A Travel Journal by Sharon Keating

Sharon is the Manager of Sales & Client Services at Polar Cruises. Here are her trip notes from her recent North Pole expedition.

Baffin Island Explorer

Baffin Island Explorer - A Travel Journal by Brandon Hagg

Brandon works at Polar Cruises as a Polar Expert and has been to Antarctica and the Arctic many times.

Arctic Wildlife - Musk Ox, Walrus, Polar Bear

Large Wildlife of the Arctic: The Arctic Musk Ox, Walrus, and Polar Bear

When it comes to the Arctic, there is only one strategy for wildlife: go big or go home.

Kongsbreen Glacier

Realm of the Polar Bear - A Travel Journal by Maggie Olson

Maggie is a Polar Cruises Client Services and Documents Specialist and traveled to Spitsbergen in August 2017 aboard the Expedition. Here is a log of her travels.

Shackleton Endurance

Timeline for Shackleton's Endurance Expedition - An Epic Rescue Story

The story of Ernest Shackleton is one that many of our polar cruise travelers enjoy reliving as they make their way through the Antarctic. For those of you who are less familiar with the story of Shackleton and the Nimrod Expedition, we suggest a quick read about this amazing explorer whose steps are retraced in many of our South Pole and Antarctica expeditions.

Janys at Texas Bar Hut

Spitsbergen Explorer - A Travel Journal by Janys Olsen

Janys is a Polar Cruises Travel Specialist who traveled to Spitsbergen in July 2017 aboard the Ocean Nova.  Here is a log of her travels.

South Georgia - Falkland Islands Penguins

Destination-worthy Regions of Antarctica

When thinking of Antarctica, many people think of expansive sheets of snow drifts and towering icebergs popping out of endless miles of sea. But there are numerous destinations within this region of the world for polar travelers enjoy, each one fulfilling a variety of traveler needs for wildlife, adventure, culture, and landscape.

Arctic Map

Uncommon Truths About the Arctic and Arctic Travel

The literal translation of the “Arctic” is “near the bear”, which may draw up images of polar bears and other Arctic-dwelling creatures.  However, the name was actually given to the Arctic in refer

Timeline image

Early Antarctica History - A Timeline

Early Antarctica History - A Timeline

I am the Walrus - Cruising with Arctic Wildlife

Unlike the melodious music of the Beatles sounds of a walrus herd can be loud with lots of bellowing and snorting.


Penguin Awareness Day — January 20th

There are 17 species of penguins in the world and all but three species are considered endangered or threatened1.


3 Important Antarctic Explorers and What They Did

The Heroic Age is marked by its frenzy of explorers anxiously setting out to make their mark on history with their discoveries of the South Pole and Antarctic region.  During this time, three particular explorers shaped the future of exploration, not just with their trail blazing voyages, but with their ideas of leadership and expedition tactics.


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