All Arctic Travel Adventures are Unique!

Arctic travel requires an open mind. With the exception of bird cliff nesting sites all animal encounters are unique because the animals are nomadic moving from place to place to forage or hunt for food. That’s why the best Arctic Adventures are the ones with no definite expectations (see our blog from July 27th How To Get the Most Out of Your Antarctic and Arctic Vacation).

Here is a bit of the feedback from Lesley Smith, one of our client’s aboard the Expedition this season on a Spitsbergen trip:

I need to also thank Lynn for being honest and getting me on the right adventure.  The trip around Svalbard with Expedition was exactly what I was looking for - I was definitely looking at the wrong cruise when we first spoke. Lynn also deserves kudos regarding the sea-kayaking sign-up - I had a really incredible time…

14th of July Glacier

So what was so incredible?   The kayaks take 2 people, so I had the guide with me in my kayak after the first paddle.  We went to see a huge puffin colony and some reindeer on one trip that the zodiacs could not get to one day and one of the highlights of my trip was paddling out into the middle of Isfjorden just in time for a pod of at least 100 beluga whales to pass right next to us.  

up close beluga

These normally shy animals did not seem concerned by us and some even circled around to get a better look at us.  They were so close I think it would have been possible to touch them, if I had wanted.  It was an amazing experience - even the veteran guides were excited.

Bears feeding on fin whale
Other highlights of my trip was watching 11 polar bears feast on a Fin whale carcass in Freemunsundet and then later that day a polar bear walked over the sea ice to the bow of the boat to check us out at Brasvellbreen before we found a Walrus mum and calf quite happy to let us snap 100's of pictures floating on another piece of sea ice. 

Walrus mum and pup

I made a lot of friends which I expect to keep.  I have already arranged a meeting in London for lunch next month with 2 fellow passengers. Lesley S.

It’s not too late to take advantage of the Expedition’s early booking discount for the Arctic 2012. The 15% discount expires August 31st. Let Polar Cruises find the right cruise for you too!

Blog posted by Sharon Keating and feedback and photos by Lesley Smith