Antarctic Cruise - The White Continent?

Antarctica is known as the white continent and the wildlife is mostly black and white as an adaption for predator avoidance. You would imagine it is a place void of color but that is far from true.

colorfull berg

On Antarctic voyages during the solstice the sun only dips below the mountain peaks painting the landscape in the most incredible washes of pinks and purples.

 Twilight Berg

Or the last light in late February or March.

Feb sunset

Early morning sunlight bounces off the white bellies of penguins giving them a golden glow.

Golden chinstraps

But it is the ice itself that has the most amazing palette of blues. When you first see the intense blue of the Polar ice you cannot believe it comes from nature.

Blue ice

Have you ever wondered why polar ice has such intense blue color? The thick glacial ice acts like a filter absorbing red and yellow light reflecting and scattering only the blue spectrum. This scientific phenomenon makes for the most colorful photographs!

Kelp Gull and Ice

Maybe your reason for taking an Antarctic vacation is to see the wildlife but no matter what part of the season you choose to travel the scenery is always a star. Let Polar Cruises help you plan a colorful Antarctic Polar Adventure!