Antarctic Cruises for Shackleton Enthusiasts

“I seemed to vow to myself that someday I would go to the region of ice and snow and go on and on till I came to one of the poles of the earth, the end of the axis upon which this great round ball turns.” -- Ernest Shackleton

Recently, we published an article on the life and adventures of one of the great polar explorers, Ernest Shackleton. Aboard his ships, which courageously traveled through the unknown waters surrounding Antarctica, historians tell a story of bravery, leadership, and teamwork.  

The legend of Shackleton and his Trans-Antarctic expedition--which was foiled by the unpredictable Antarctic conditions and led to a nearly 500-day survival test of crew members in makeshift snow camps--is now historically synonymous with both the travel and legends of the South Pole region.  

For those whose curiosities about these adventures extend beyond the reach of traditional travel, there is an extensive selection of polar cruise expeditions available through Polar Cruises.  Polar Cruises offers a variety of trips to South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, Drake Passage, and Antarctica, which touch upon the landing points of Shackleton and other early polar explorers.  

Here are just a few of the historical Antarctic cruise vacations we offer:

Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula

This voyage is one of the most complete and varied Antarctic adventures. It promises an in-depth and unforgettable experience to the bottom of the world travelling to the extraordinary Falkland Islands, South Georgia and diverse sub-Antarctic islands before sailing further south to the remarkable Antarctic Peninsula area.

Route Map - Falkland-South Georgia

Spirit of Shackleton

Aboard this 20-day Antarctic cruise on a 126-passenger ship, you will experience the awe-inspiring Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. Recount Shackleton’s explorations, visiting historical sites of polar explorers, as well as Shackleton’s final resting place in South Georgia.  History buffs will be in awe embarking along the sea passages of explorers past, while wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy the vast penguin rookeries, seal colonies, and wildlife-rich island of South Georgia. 

Explorers and Kings

Set sail and get ready to explore the world’s seventh continent by ship and by foot.  Follow the footsteps of Shackleton’s perilous voyages on South Georgia, share a moment of silence at his gravestone, and then continue on to explore South Georgia, Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula, and crossing of the Drake Passage. 

While on land in South Shetland Island and Antarctic Peninsula, you may opt for a guided hike where you will trek up a glacier, visit a research station, consort with penguin colonies, or get within reaching distance of the many Antarctic animal species.  On board, enjoy lectures and educational presentations from polar specialists and history buffs. 

In the Wake of Scott and Shackleton

Set sail aboard the 48-passenger Spirit of Enderby, and brace yourself for the ultimate Antarctic voyage.  Accessible only two months of the year (when the ice thaws enough for passage), you will enter the Ross Sea, one of the most remote regions of one of the most remote areas of the world.  Relive the travels of explorers such as Sir James Clark Ross, who discovered the Ross Sea passage in 1842, as well as, Borchgrevink, Scott, Shackleton, Amundsen, Richard Byrd, Sir Edmund Hillary and many others. Capture the history of these explorers in one of the five historic huts that we visit.  

Though this tour is heavy on history, voyagers will still encounter amazing wildlife such as the millions of Adelie and Emperor penguins that breed in the Ross Sea region. Adventurers will also tour scientific bases so remote, only a few visitors are welcomed each year. Enjoy all 
the Ross Sea has to offer aboard our expeditions to Subantarctic Auckland, Campbell, and Macquarie Island.

Scott and Shackleton

Whether you are a history buff, polar enthusiast, or the curious adventurer, Polar Cruises can match your interests and adventure profile with the right ship, voyage, and destination for you.  We travel to Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic Islands and are well-traveled and well-versed in the many trips we offer to the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions. To find out more, or book your polar cruise vacation today, call: Toll Free at 888-484-2244 (US or Canada) or 541-330-2454(Outside the US).