Antarctica the Beautiful - A poem by Ruth Wise

One of our clients, Ruth Wise, just returned from a great trip on the Polar Star.  She penned this wonderful poem to celebrate her journey and allowed us to share it with you.

Antarctica was beautiful
An anyone can guess...
Of all things I had hoped to accomplish,
I now have one less.

We saw pods of orcas
& elephant seals too;
Albatross & Avalanches
Just to name a few.

Sea lions were cute
& there were penguins aplenty,
but as for the whales
I didn't see very many.

The sea was rocky
& the voyage was long,
& before we could eat
we had to wait for the gong.

But the food was good
& the passengers were great;
my quarters were comfortable
& the meals were never late.

The waves were rougher than anyone could imagine
Someone fell out of their chair.
Dishes went crashing to the floor
For some the first days were a nightmare.


Half the ship got sick;
I got a wee bit of an attack...
Eventually I lost 10 pounds
& haven't gained it back.

Taking a shower was interesting
everyone walked like they've been drinking
I wonder when I booked this trip
Just what the hell was I thinking?

But I soon learned my way
From port to stern
The first day out
I got a sunburn.

The sun never set & was always high
& night was weeks away;
But never had trouble sleeping, did I,
In the land of perpetual day.

But the seas eventually calmed down
the dizziness started to fade.
Beautiful pictures were had by all
& Friends were being made;

All in all
The trip was very nice;
I now have new respect
For cold weather, snow & ice.

The landscape was hauntingly seductive
The icebergs almost surreal;
This place is like a fantasyland
There's nothing else like it, I feel.

The environment is most beautiful
The scenery etched in my mind;
Believe it or not I'm reluctant
To leave it all behind.

A remarkable journey,
I'd recommend to anyone
Who's looking for adventure
& just want to have fun.