Arctic Adventure Travel - Expedition part 4

September 10th – Afternoon landing

Our afternoon landing at Martin Karlsa (still inside Scoresbysund) was a zodiac cruise around the most massive icebergs you could imagine. This is what you come to East Greenland to see when you choose this Arctic voyage!

massive berg

Some of the icebergs looked like Greek temples with columns surrounding the exterior of the building, others listed in the water like abandoned ships, still others looked as if they had just detached themselves from a glacier’s face and floated away from shore. Most impressive was the number of these enormous icebergs crowded together all larger than our ship.

greek temple berg

But our day’s activity wasn’t finished after dinner. The moon rose almost full and cast beautiful pearly light on the ice and sea.

pearly light berg

We thought it might be too bright for the northern lights to be seen however even the  moon couldn’t stop the brilliant display as the shimmering green bands of color danced across the sky. It was hard to resist the temptation to capture the image with your camera. I had stubbornly not added a tripod to my list of things to bring. I was told the best way to capture them was to keep the shutter open for 10 – 15 second, so the images I captured are soft and painterly which seems to fit the ethereal quality of the subject.

N. lights and bergs

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Blog post by Sharon Keating