Arctic Ice and Ancient Culture - Expedition part 7

Expedition - September 13, 2011 - East Greenland Arctic Adventure continues

Helka Havn is another Thule site from the third paleoeskimos culture dating from @ 6300 years ago. In addition to the stone rings for huts there was a large ceremonial site which indicated that this site had a much larger population than the Skdkap site we saw earlier on the voyage.

Helka Havn landscape resized 600

The Hong Kong students immediately began their project observations.

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Our incredible sunny weather held and this was an excellent landing to sit quietly and contemplate what life must have been like for these ancient people. I watched as our kayakers glided throught the waters much like the Thule's and Inuit before them.

kayakers at Helka Havn

There were billberry's to gather and taste. It would have been an excellent harvest for the small Thule population to enjoy as they sat around their hearths.

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Suddenly I heard a long lonely call.. there it was again. I looked but couldn't find its source. Later I learned from Frank it was the call of the loon or northern diver.

Our afternoon landing was at Vikingbukta Glacier. The water near the glacier face was choked with brash ice making the ride slow - but if you listened carefully you could hear the popping and cracking of the ice.

Vikingbukta glacier resized 600

Photo curtesy of Expedition's log

Once again we were treated to an amazing evening lights display - could it get much better than this! Feel the urge for an Arctic Adventure - Let Polar Cruises make it happen for you.

Blog post by Sharon Keating