Arctic - Iceland's Birds Escorting Us Home - Expedition part 9

As we bid good-bye to Scoresbysund our environment for the past five days we also said goodbye to the sun. We were shrouded by gray mist as we left land behind us and entered the Denmark Strait enroute to Iceland our final destination. Immediately we were joined by the northern fulmar to hurry us on our way.

Gliding Northern Fulmar 1911 resized 600

Again our ship day was spent with presentations from the naturalists as well as a presentation from the Hong Kong students on their environmental projects - part of their Arctic Classroom Experience. These students inspired us and added another dimension to an already exciting voayge.

HK group presentation resized 600

While our final morning aboard the Expedition began with overcast skies the temperature had risen and there was bird life all around the ship. Those passengers keeping track added black backed gulls and gannets to their life lists.

Flying Gannet

With land in sight we cruised by Latrabjarg on the west coast of Iceland. This cliff (almost hidden by fog) is 440 meters high and is home to the largest razorbill colony in the world. As though a magician had waved a wand suddenly hundreds of gannets filled the air and dolphins appeared along the port side of the ship before the illusion was gone. The wildlife seemed to be welcoming us to Iceland's shores.

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