Arctic Travel - Iceland and Geothermal Wonders

When you choose an Arctic voyage that includes Iceland plan to spend several days touring the island country when the voyage concludes. Iceland’s geothermal environment is both majestic and makes the country a leader in clean energy use.

Geothermal plant resized 600

This is one of several geothermal plants that provides clean engergy to the homes and businesses in Iceland. Gravity is used to move the hot water, and energy costs are almost nonexistant.

The Blue Lagoon is so large that it can be seen from outer space. Other scenic areas include volcanic craters, thermal hot springs and geysers, and a raging waterfall.

Iceland waterfall

There are Viking ponies and ranging sheep that dot the green landscape. 

 Viking ponies resized 600

Icelanders believe in fairies and trolls. As I stood on a fault line dividing the American and European plates I could imagine them there myself.

Fairyland resized 600

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