The Decisive Moment - Photography in the Polar Regions

When I think back to art history and photography class the phrase “the decisive moment” comes to mind. That special moment caught on film (now in digital pixels) that freezes that special instant in real life and makes it art. Here are two Gentoo penguins in one of those decisive moments!

Porpoising Penguins

Whether you are a point and shoot photographer or you use a single lens reflex camera with multiple lens you will be amazed at how much memory (film) you will consume on a voyage to the Polar Regions. Here are a few tips that will maximize that decisive moment for your photographs.

Make sure your camera is working properly before you leave home and bring the manual with you.

Bring an extra battery with you if you use a rechargeable type – that way one can be charging on the ship while you are onshore. The cold can be a drain on batteries.  If you take your extra battery to shore keep it in an inside pocket for warmth.

Be sure you know what kind of memory cards your digital camera uses and bring enough cards to hold all of your photos from the expeditions. Some passengers shoot thousands of images. You may want to bring a memory stick or CD for burning photos. Most ships have computers for use however you may want to bring a laptop or IPad to download your photos each day. Don’t forget the cables that allow your camera to connect with a computer or a card reader.

If you are still shooting film bring twice as much as you think you will need.

Tripods may be brought to shore but for shooting on the ship you may want a beanbag to minimize the ship’s vibration.