To fly or sail across the Drake Passage?


Many people are not aware that you can fly down & back from Antarctica and avoid sailing the Drake Passage. You embark & disembark the ship at King George Island in the South Shetland Islands. It is about a 2-hour flight from Punta Arenas, Chile to Antarctica whereas if you sail it takes about 2 sea days each way. This way of travel has become more popular & there are more Fly the Drake options than ever. Here are some pros & cons on whether to sail the famous Drake Passage or fly over it.


Fly the Drake Passage
-It saves time, 2 hour flight vs 2 day crossing each way if you sail. These trips are typically 8 days.  
-Allows you to avoid the potential rough waters of the Drake & therefore less daunting to those who get seasick
-A majority of these Fly Cruises are operated on smaller ships, so your time on shore is maximized
-You will miss out on the large sea birds & potential whale sightings in the Drake Passage
-There will be fewer lectures offered from the naturalists onboard due to time constraints
-There are risks of weather delays/trip interruptions as the flights to/from Antarctica are weather dependent; although contingency plans are in place


Sail the Drake Passage
-You have 2 sea days down & back that allow you the chance to see some of the largest sea birds in the world or potential whales
-Attend various lectures on those sea days from the onboard naturalists that will give you a better understanding of all things Antarctica & help to build excitement prior to arrival
-Have time to explore the ship on the sea days
-Bragging rights to say you sailed the Drake Passage
-Less chance of delays on your embarkation & disembarkation
-More time away from real life! The minimum length of trip is around 10-12 days
-The Drake Passage can be rough & can cause sea sickness


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