Hidden Treasures in the Arctic - Expedition part 5

September 11, 2011 – Sydkap Peninsula, Scoresbysund East Greenland

This morning was our second sunny day - perfect for landing in the north end of Scoresbysund. This landing site was a mix of rocky slopes and thick tundra vegetation. Again the expedition staff set a perimeter for us to walk freely. The acoustics in this carved valley were so good I could hear our botanist John describing plants on the slope high above me as though I was right beside him.

Arctic plant

The Hong Kong students gathered for a quick seminar with Professor Chan before breaking into their research groups.

HK group lecture

Again, this was a great location to poke around the landscape looking at the tundra plants, hunting for treasures, or sit quietly and listening to the ravens song as they soared above us. Hidden among the low growing foliage was an Arctic fox skull. It is hard to believe how small it actually was. I had to place it on my glove for scale. It would have been so easy to slip it into my pocket - but we take only memories so I left for those that might follow.

fox skull

After lunch we visited an area that was really a continuation of the morning’s site – Jytteshavn. This was a Thule archeological site which existed between 900 – 1100 AD. We observed the hut rings. Norman our geologist described how they would have constructed the huts.

 tundra and bergs

Again we were treated to the most spectacular northern lights display late into the evening. Once again I tried to hold my camera steady enough to try to capture the moving rays of light, not bad for a hand held long exposure shot if I do say so myself!

wild N.lights

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