King Penguins - A Colorful Sort

The King penguins of South Georgia are a colorful group both in striking feathers and the many interesting behaviors.

Adults with their yellow apostrophies flanking the sides of their heads stand out agains the brown downy feathers of their chicks.

King Penguins don't build nests.  They have one egg which they balance on top of their feet and then tuck it under their bellies, where they warm the egg on a bare patch of skin. 

In a vast penguin colony where everybody looks alike, parents and chicks recognize each by their unique singing voices. Penguins might be a little near-sighted, but they have excellent hearing.

TRIVIA: Early travelers to Antarctica discovered a species they called the Woolly penguin… these fluffy birds were actually king penguin chicks. Once the chicks molt their baby feathers, they eventually look like their parents.

Chick Feeding-resized-600


They'll stand their ground or challenge an interloping elephant seal entering the rookery.

Elephant in the rookery-resized-600


Yellow, gray and black feathers form interesting patterns and textures.

Crowned King-resized-600


Massive numbers of birds look like patterned wallpaper.



Metamorphasis the fledging of brown down to slick water tight feathers.

Fledging King-resized-600


Have you heard the saying "three's a crowd"?



Maybe you would rather follow the leader...



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