Pale Octopus and Yeti Crab discovered in Antarctica Waters

Sometimes we forget how much we are missing!  While we see thousands of penguins, hundreds of birds and many whales and seals, we don't get to see what's going on UNDER the water.  A world of previously unseen creatures has been found thriving next to boiling vents of water, several miles under the surface of the Southern Ocean near Antarctica. Hundreds of hairy-chested yeti crabs, a mysterious-looking pale octopus and colonies of limpets, snails and barnacles were found by British scientists at a hydrothermal vent located in the ocean's East Scotia Ridge.

Pale octopus found in the 007


Check out this article on these fascinating new creatures that hover around warm water vents in the otherwise very cold waters off Antarctica.

Pale Octopus and Yeti Crab Discovered in Antarctica Waters