Protecting Your Antarctic or Arctic Cruise With Travel Insurance

You’ve made the decision to take a trip to the Arctic or Antarctica. It’s a big monetary commitment, and we highly recommend you take out full travel insurance, which includes trip cancellation / interruption, to protect that investment. Almost all of the ship operators we work with have a mandatory emergency medical evacuation insurance requirement, because of the remote location and how expensive it is to get someone to the closest medical facility.

There are many reasons for covering yourself with insurance such as supplier default (the ship operator goes out of business), pre-existing medical conditions and unforeseen events that might force you to cancel your trip before departure.

In these economic times it is possible for a shipping company to cease operations, which recently happened with Polar Star Expeditions (parent company Karlsen Shipping) one of the companies we had been doing business with for years. For those passengers who followed our advice and purchased full travel insurance they were able to file a claim to recover lost funds.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions it is a good idea to have insurance as well. The possibility of a reoccurrence of your issue might present itself just as you are ready to travel.  Likewise a family member with health issues could keep you from traveling unexpectedly. Since trip payments carry cancellation penalties the only way to recoup the money you lose when you cancel is to have travel insurance.

You just never know what will happen – which is what insurance is for. One of our clients broke his leg days before he was set to leave for the voyage he had planned for more than a year. He was under full penalty and without trip cancellation insurance he would not have been able to recover his money and take the voyage the following year. Sometimes a voyage is unexpectedly cancelled by the shipping company due to mechanical issues. While they may refund the voyage cost – there may be other expenses that they will not reimburse passengers for like non-refundable airline tickets, hotels and other travel services you may have paid for.

While trip cancellation insurance seems like a large expense – it is the best protections you can have to safeguard your travel investment. Visit our links page and use our location number 37-6035 to get an insurance quote or purchase travel insurance.