Ross Sea photo impressions by client Valerie from Saskatoon, Canada

"One hundred years ago this December, the world waited breathlessly to hear who would reach the South Pole first – the dashing Captain Robert Scott, or the determined Norwegian, Roald Amundsen." Several of our clients celebrated this once-in-a-lifetime anniversary with a unique 29-day trip exploring the Ross Sea and other areas associated with the heroic age of Antarctic exploration. The voyage began in Christchurch, New Zealand and finished in Hobart, Australia (see below)

Valerie 1

Expedition Summary:
Day 1 Christchurch, New Zealand
Day 2 Embarkation at Lyttelton, New Zealand
Day 3 At sea
Day 4 The Snares
Day 5-6 Auckland Islands
Day 7 Campbell Island
Day 8-9 At sea
Day 10 Cape Adare
Day 11-21 The Ross Sea
Day 22-23 Balleny Islands
Day 24 At sea
Day 25-26 Macquarie Island
Day 27-28 At sea
Day 29 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Here are some photos from one of our clients; Valerie from Saskatoon, Canada aboard the Khlebnikov’s end-of-an-era Ross Sea expedition. All of her images were taken with a point and shoot camera. It just shows you don't need major fire power to make great memories of an Antarctica voyage!

Valerie 2


Valerie 3


Valerie 4


Valerie 5


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