Sharon's Travel Log #1 - Antarctica Drake Passage Crossing

(This guest post is from Sharon - our Client Services guru - who is traveling on the Polar Star on a Antarctica Circle trip from Feb 4 - 15, 2010.)

Lots of birds!  Yesterday we had about a half dozen Wandering Albatross and Royals around the ship with today the Cape Petrels and Prions showed up as well as several Wilson Storm Petrels.

 We had a great humpback sighting of a mom and calf. The ship did a circle around them before resuming course.

They have been altering course at mealtimes to minimize the roll - helpful for those in the dining room.

Lectures and food as been excellent so far.  I started knitting a scarf to keep myself awake in the lectures.  It doesn't seem to matter how good the lecturer is or how great the photos - I still seem to succumb to the dark, warm, gently rolling motion of the ship and find my head jerking up to attention.  The knitting project seems to work to combat the lull of the ship.

Tomorrow we start with the Lemaire Channel and Petermann Island, and then go to the Fish Islands and Prospect Point for an after dinner zodiac cruise.  They will be splitting us port and starboard for cruising to keep the numbers in the zodiacs lower.

I am setting my alarm tonight to be sure I am up early for the arrival to Antarctica - we are going through the Channel before breakfast and then landing at Petermann after a slightly delayed breakfast.