Sharon's Travel Log #3 - Antarctic Peninsula – Another GREAT day!

(This guest post is from Sharon - our Client Services guru - who is traveling on the Polar Star on a Antarctica Circle trip from Feb 4 - 15, 2010.)

Another great day on the peninsula!  We had a zodiac cruise at Cierva - giant bergs, Leopard Seals, Chinstrap Penguins, Fur Seals and then Humpback Whales.

 There were about 7 of humpbacks in three groups.  The doctor and I were in charge of the last zodiac again.  When we heard the call about whales we went racing over to where the other zodiacs were and stopped short of them to look.  Nothing!  All of a sudden the whales appeared, one on either side of us - so close to the zodiac that you could feel the blow on your face. 

We were supposed to be a shorter cruise - I asked if anyone minded if we stayed with the whales and didn't get a response.  We followed another pair and then heard that there were three more by the glacier.  I had the boat race over there - when we got there the older couple said they wanted to go back - They hadn't said anything before that but I guess they were upset - most likely cold.  Another zodiac had one passenger that wanted to go back as well so I swapped with them and got to stay out a bit longer.  I guess I was Captain Bligh set adrift after the mutiny.

When we arrived back to the ship there were three Leopard Seals playing around an iceberg by the bow.

The afternoon was at Mikkelson harbor on Caroline Island - lots of Fur Seals, a Gentoo colony, Leopard Seals on flows and a colony of Terns flying near the glacier feeding - at least a hundred of them.  The sun was shining.

We sailed into Deception at 5:00 am and did the hike.  We have breakfast at 8:00 and then land at Whaler's Bay.  After lunch is Half Moon and then we jump into the Drake.