Sharon's Travel Log #5 - Conclusion – Knitting, Auctions and Albatross

(This guest post is from Sharon - our Client Services guru - who is traveling on the Polar Star on a Antarctica Circle trip from Feb 4 - 15, 2010.)

Final Thoughts on my trip:

A follow up to that knitting project that saved me from my lecture napping syndrome. 

Our expedition leader raffled a wonderful chart of our voyage that was illustrated by another member of the expedition staff who is an excellent artist.  The money raised is going to the Penguin Feeding Project - this is a post-graduate study she is doing to look at what Penguins eat during the winter as not much is known.  This information will be shared with the commercial fishers of krill - in hopes that they will use sustainable methods to take the main source of food for the entire ecosystem of Antarctica.

Also offered were Albatross pins - money raised would go directly to the Save the Albatross Foundation. 

Well, I had lots of passengers asking me if I was knitting my scarf for them.  Anyway, our resident whale expert Ursula Tscherter has a Minke project that she is very passionate about.  It dawned on me that I could donate the scarf to her project, and we could auction it off.

Our last night onboard there was a quiz.  Teams competed for Polar Star prizes, and the scarf went up of auction just before it.  We started the bidding at $35.00 because there was $50.00 worth of wool in that project.  I am happy to report that the scarf went for $110.00 for Ursula's Minkes.

If you have an interest in supporting any of these important issues here are the web links:

Megan Tierney

Ursula Tscherter