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Awe-Inspiring Beauty of Antarctica

We missed our zodiac landing this afternoon due to high wind conditions at both our primary and secondary landing sites.  What a treat it turned out to be.

Antarctic Cruise - The White Continent?

Antarctica is known as the white continent and the wildlife is mostly black and white as an adaption for predator avoidance.

King Penguins - A Colorful Sort

The King penguins of South Georgia are a colorful group both in striking feathers and the many interesting behaviors.

Fin Whale Spy Hopping

Antarctic Travel - Why you should sail the southern ocean!

Fly-cruises are becoming a popular way to see Antarctica and more ships are offering that option which you can find on our website (just do a trip search and choose fly-cruise in the destination dr

Ross Sea photo impressions by client Valerie from Saskatoon, Canada

"One hundred years ago this December, the world waited breathlessly to hear who would reach the South Pole first – the dashing Captain Robert Scott, or the determined Norwegian, Roald Amundsen." Se

Consider a Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica Adventure

If you have time and wildlife and Antarctic history are your focus for an Antarctic Adventure then a Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica voyage may be your trip of a lifetime!

Happy Feet – Antarctic Emperor Penguin update

Happy Feet is now well enough to take his first swim at the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand today.  The zoo attendant had to give him a bit of a push.

Antarctica penguin

Antarctica penguin - Happy Feet update

The Emperor Penguin now dubbed Happy Feet that surprised the world with its journey to New Zealand has now been rescued from the Peka Peka Beach by The Department of Conservation and Wellington Zoo

Fortuna Bay on South Georgia Island

Wandering Cort #10 - Fortuna Bay on South Georgia Island

Spent the night anchored in the calm Fortuna Bay gently rocking.  Slept great.  My Scop patch fell off yesterday and I have not put another one on yet.  My skin is a little tender where the patch w

S.Georgia: Salisbury Plains & Prion Island

Wandering Cort #9 - S.Georgia: Salisbury Plains & Prion Island

Finally after 2 & ½ sea days, we reached South Georgia.  The Zodiacs can not land in high winds or big surf, so we hoped for calm weather.  We got the calm weather and thick fog that turned to

Falklands to South Georgia

Wandering Cort #8 - Falklands to South Georgia

During dinner we were rolling so much that the view out the window shifted from looking straight down at the water to staring up in the sky.  It looked like we were about to roll over in the big wa

Port Stanley

Wandering Cort #7 - Stanley, Falkland Islands

Stanley is a tourist town with a nice dock providing a dry landing.  The streets close to the dock are lined with souvenir shops and restaurants.  I mainly photographed interesting buildings.  The

Falkland Islands: West Point & Saunders Island

Wandering Cort #6 - Falkland Islands: West Point & Saunders Island

West Point has a large mixed colony of Rock Hopper Penguins and Black Browed Albatross.  They nest side by side on mounds that they build 6 to 12 inches above the surrounding ground.  I watched an

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