Wandering Cort #5 - Enroute to Falklands

Birds constantly fly around the ship.  The aft deck is the best for viewing birds and the bow is best for viewing marine mammals, who like to bow ride the wake created by the ship.  Black Browed Albatross, Giant Petrel, and Cape Petrel fly back and forth, then occasionally land in the water, when some food is dredged up by the ship's props.

We are running parallel to the waves, so the ship rolls quite a bit.  My Scopolamine patch is working great.  No seasickness, but my mouth is parched and my eyes are dry.  Drinking water only temporarily relieves my parched throat.  I do not want to drink too much on a shore day because we are not supposed to pee on shore.  Our shore excursions will be 3 - 4 hours and I only have a 2 hour bladder.