Wandering Cort #7 - Stanley, Falkland Islands

Stanley is a tourist town with a nice dock providing a dry landing.  The streets close to the dock are lined with souvenir shops and restaurants.  I mainly photographed interesting buildings.  The highlight was two Steamer Ducks putting on a display.  They swam away from each other riding high on the water, tails pointed straight up, and beaks pointed to the sky.  They emitted a piercing whistle, then turned to swim toward each other.  Now they were mostly submerged with head level with the water and tail down.  It looked like stealth mode.  When they met they tangled and squawked and flapped their wings.  It looked like fighting, but it could be mating.

The Stanley Museum has dentist office on display that looks 100 years old.  The sign said it was used by the resident dentist until 1982, when he passed away.

Lynn, Steve, and I met at the Victory Bar for fish & chips rinsed down with an English beer.  Actually two beers.  The pub had dart boards on all 4 walls, which were covered in dark stained wood, just like I imagined an English Pub would look.

Stanley has an airport with commercial flights.  Tour companies offer boat tours to landing spots on the various islands.  If you are short on time and want to avoid the Drake Passage, it is possible to experience a bit of Antarctica in the Falklands.  There are multiple species of penguins, Subantarctic birds, and seals plus interesting landscapes.  You do miss the icebergs and the spectacular landscapes of the continent of Antarctica, plus the adventure of following in the footsteps of early Antarctic explorers.

After departing Stanley, we attended a mandatory IAATO bio hazard briefing to learn how to keep South Georgia free of invasive species.  Next we went down to a vacuum station, where we emptied all or our packs, turned our pockets inside out, scraped the Velcro, then vacuumed everything in an attempt to remove all seeds and organic material.  I am sure this process removed most everything, but I doubt if we got it all.  I found a seed stuck to the Velcro of my dry pants, which I properly disposed of.