When's the best time to go to Antarctica?

When we are asked what is the best time to go to Antarctica the answer is that "anytime is a great time". Even when we return to the same landing site time and again it is always different. There are things that stand out in each month of the season that make a voyage interesting, and the weather conditions vary, making the same site seem new.

Here are a few photo comparisons to give you an idea about what you might expect during the Antarctica season from November thru April.

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Chicks hatch in late December so if tiny chicks are what you seek it’s a great time to sit and watch. Both parents have a brood patch that keeps the eggs and small chicks warm.

Young Gentoo chicks

Early January the chicks are larger but still require one parent in attendance at the nest.

Gentoo creche

Late January the chicks form a creche for protection from predators like the skua or giant petrel.

 Fledging Gentoos

In February the chicks begin the process of fledging their feathers. They still rely on the adults for food and often are led on a chase before the reward of a krill feast.

But it’s not just the penguin chicks that change.

Deception Island clear day

Here is a look the Deception Island graveyard in different weather conditions.

Deception Island snow storm

Whatever your interest we would love to help you select a voyage that suits you. Contact us for more details.