Where to go to see Arctic Wildlife, Landscapes and Culture

Ruth Wise describes the Arctic as follows:

"The landscape was hauntingly seductive
The icebergs almost surreal;
This place is like a fantasyland
There's nothing else like it, I feel."

Haunting. Seductive.  Fantasy.  All of this is true.  But while pictures of desolate icebergs, vast icy terrain, and bitter cold often fill our imaginations when thinking of the Arctic, few think about the wildlife, colorful and interesting villages, or alien and unique foliage that blankets the landscape.

If Arctic wildlife, culture, and landscapes peak your interest, Polar Cruises has a variety of Arctic excursions from Russia to the European Arctic to Canada that unveil the wondrous living surprises which cover this region of the world.  Inquire today and we can match you with an Arctic trip that will fulfill all of your wildlife, cultural, historical, and photographic desires.  The best time to visit the Arctic is June through September and trips sell out very early, so now is the time to start booking what will turn out to be the vacation of a lifetime. 

Here is a list of some of our favorite Arctic destinations for different interests. 

Polar BearIf you want to see wildlife: 

The Arctic is filled with opportunities to view land, air, and sea life in their natural habitat.  Attracted by the many species of marine life that border these areas, there is a rare opportunity to encounter some of the world’s most obscure creatures.

Spitsbergen: https://www.polarcruises.com/arctic/destinations/spitsbergen

Aptly named the “wildlife capital of the Arctic”, Spitsbergen provides a rare opportunity to view an abundance of protected species in their natural environment.  Amongst the landscape, travelers may see polar bears in plain sight, aided by the fact that the landscape is both stark and void of large icebergs.   Along the flows, cruise ships will move through ice, and cruisers will witness walruses, Arctic foxes, and other Arctic mammals in their natural state.

Northwest Passage: https://www.polarcruises.com/arctic/destinations/northwest-passage

Through the area known as the NW Passage, cruisers may encounter polar bears, walruses, seals and even Arctic foxes as they hunt for food along the ice edge.  There are millions of seabirds native to the area, and birders may encounter up to 26 different species during their passage through these waters.

Far East Russia:  https://www.polarcruises.com/arctic/destinations/russian-far-east

A birder’s paradise, East Russia boasts over 40 different species of bird and fish that call this area home.  Around Wrangle Island, visitors often witness wildlife that includes polar bears in the winter, as well as walruses, musk ox, reindeer, and tundra geese.


If you want to immerse yourself in Arctic culture:

Remote villages encased between magnificent icebergs make the Arctic a historical, and unforgettable destination for travelers.

West Coast of Greenland: https://www.polarcruises.com/arctic/destinations/greenland-west

On the west side of Greenland, travelers will experience the remote villages of the Inuit people who call this area home.

Newfoundland and Labrador: https://www.polarcruises.com/arctic/destinations/newfoundland-and-labrador-arctic

Dating more than 1,000 years back, this area is home of the oldest city settlement in North America. Rural in location, scarce in population, yet vast in wilderness, many travelers find themselves engrossed in this area’s natural solitude.

West Greenland Village

If you want to photograph picturesque landscape and foliage:

Vast and spectacular, the Arctic provides the perfect opportunity to experience the abundance of foliage and cold-weather wildflowers that blanket this area.  Or, some prefer to snap a picture of the desolate and simplistic beauty of icebergs, snowdrifts, and ice-laden mountains. 

Eastern Greenland: https://www.polarcruises.com/arctic/destinations/greenland-east

Nearly “glowing” from the inside out, areas of Eastern Greenland are a photographer’s dream.  The sun, which glistens off the towering icebergs and glowing glaciers, makes a beautiful backdrop for this jaw-dropping landscape.  Though covered in ice, the remoteness of this area is simply spectacular.

Far East Russia: https://www.polarcruises.com/arctic/destinations/russian-far-east

Much to the delight of many visitors, the East Russian landscape is one filled with blooming Arctic wildflowers that come alive to create a beautiful blanket of landscape over the region.

Canadian Arctic: https://www.polarcruises.com/arctic/destinations/canadian-arctic

If mountains, fjords, glaciers, and packed ice seem like the perfect backdrop for gorgeous photo opportunities, then the Canadian Arctic provides the perfect landscape.  You may even get the opportunity to snap a picture of the musk ox, walrus, or occasional polar bear passing by.

Whether you are seeking wildlife, Arctic culture, or picturesque landscape, the Arctic has it all. Inquire with Polar Cruises today and we can match you with an Arctic trip that matches your vacation interests. 

Ice flows