Why Polar Cruises?

Sharon's still up in the Arctic until next week. This blog post by Jim Taylor.  When Sharon returns she will post details of her adventure along with some great photos so stay tuned.

A friend of mine asked me recently why they should book a trip with Polar Cruises instead of another company that offers trips to Antarctica and the Arctic.  This was an excellent question which deserved a well-thought through answer.

After pondering a few minutes, I answered:

1. We are focused on only Antarctica and the Arctic.

Many years ago we offered trips to most of the adventure travel locations in the world.  We found this diluted our expertise in the regions we loved the most and made a concious choice to focus on the amazing polar regions.

Also, this means we are very in-tune with what is going on in Antarctica and the Arctic, the companies operating the ships; itineraries; quality of the ships, programs, food, services, amenities, etc.

Booking with us means you get the advantage of our knowledge and expertise in choosing the right trip for you.

2. We travel on the ships we offer all the time.

Every year we'll head out to Antarctica and the Arctic on different ships.  Our goal is simple - to see if the ship, expedition staff, food, cabins, crew and service is up to our standards and expectations and so we are as knowledgeable as possible to help our clients choose the right trip for them.  We do this year in, year out.

Between our staff we have been on all the ships we represent (and not just once) and have done hundreds of trips to these areas. We aren’t your typical travel agent, we are specialists in these regions and  know the products we sell. Our founders, Chuck & Lynn Cross have been traveling to these regions since 1990, worked as expedition leaders and naturalists.

3. We offer a Wide Variety of Ships for you to chose from

Because we represent many different ship operators products we are able to match our clients to the right ship and program for them. We are not confined to only our product, we work with the best small ship operators in the Polar cruise business. We take the time to find out what you are looking for and help you book the best voyage for you, whether you are more focused on wildlife, history, adventure, photography, or other interests our knowledge will get you onto the right ship & trip.

This is why Conde Nast Traveler, who are firm believers in “Truth in Travel”, since 2003 has awarded us the “Top Travel Specialist to the Polar Regions”. They know we are the “Experts” in these regions.

My friend pondered all this for a minute and answered simply "That makes sense.  I can't argue with your logic."

Don’t book a trip to the Polar Regions without checking out our web site and contacting one of our Polar experts.