COVID-19 Update

In these uncertain times of COVID-19 we hope you and your families are staying safe & healthy.

Our office remains open, but on shortened hours. Monday-Friday 9am-3pm Pacific time (Friday’s we can be reached only by email).

Since each ship operator has different terms & conditions for their voyages we are not able to post current policies for cancellations and/or transferring bookings to future dates. For those who booked your trip through Polar Cruises we will notify you via email about your specific trip as we receive updates.

For those booked for this coming Antarctica season we will be in touch with you should there be any changes to your scheduled voyage.

Polar Cruises has to abide by the refund, cancellation, suspension and rebooking rules set by each ship operator. Given the industry-wide disruption that COVID-19 has caused, the original terms & conditions of each booking have, in many cases, been superseded by new policies (many which are changing daily). Polar Cruises will always work on your behalf through this complex landscape.  However, we cannot be held liable for changes to or interpretation of ship operator products or governing policies.

Stay healthy and safe as we navigate through this pandemic.

All the best,
The Polar Cruises Team