Vast and spectacular, the Arctic reaches from Russia's Far East to the geographic North Pole. Covered in ice pack for most of the year, it is during the short summer months we are offered the opportunity to witness the diverse scenery, unusual wildlife and interesting peoples the Arctic has to offer. Whether it is an adventure into history, an exploration of natural wonders, or a look at rare and amazing cultures, there is a trip for everyone in the land of the midnight sun.

The High Arctic is best explored from July to September by ship, as the pack ice recedes. From the decks of huge ice breakers to Luxury Expedition Ships, lodges and camps, there's a lot to explore. Polar bears, walrus, seals, and even Arctic foxes haunt the ice edge, while millions of seabirds breed and raise their young on ledges and barren islands. Remote villages, icebergs and magnificent scenery and historic sites make for unforgettable vacations.