About Us

Our Mission Statement 

  • We will provide the highest quality experience in the planning stage of a client's trip.
  • We will chose companies we represent for their quality, safety, environmental practices, service and the best overall experience provided to our clients.
  • We will sell trips based on our clients needs, preferences and specific requirements. We will not sell trips based on commission.
  • We will remain unbiased trip planners.
  • We will charge no additional fees – same price as booking direct with much more personalized service in choosing the best trip to fit our clients' style.
  • We will travel to the destinations we offer to gain first hand knowledge and experience. It allows us to evaluate the quality of the tour companies, staff, ships and destinations.

We don't just provide vacations, we promote experiences!

We also believe in supporting our natural heritage and help the following companies through monetary donations and encourage you to do the same:

Center for Biological Diversity The Nature Conservancy
Falklands Conservation Wilderness Society
National Resources Defense Council Ocean Conservancy
Defenders of Wildlife Save the Albatross
Environmental Defense South Georgia Heritage Trust
World Wildlife Fund