About Us

About Us
Since 1991 co-founders Lynn & Chuck Cross have participated in voyages to the Antarctic and Arctic regions as Expedition Trip Leaders, Naturalists, Program and Operations Managers, and passengers.

In 1996 Lynn & Chuck had a vision to use their extensive background in Polar Travel to provide unparalleled knowledge & experience and assist people in choosing the right trip to Antarctica and the Arctic regions.

Lynn & Chuck along with business partner Jim Taylor have trained a passionate team of Polar specialists to assist with planning and preparing for your Antarctica and Arctic cruise & tour.

We feel the best way to help our clients plan their Polar journey is with firsthand knowledge and experience; all of the Polar Cruises staff travels on the different ships and trips we represent, so we are able to provide our clients the widest expertise possible.

We still maintain that philosophy, over 20 years later - the best way to help our clients is to experience the trips ourselves and pass that knowledge on to you.

The advantage to working with Polar Cruises
• We are Polar Specialists.
• Everybody in our company travels to the Arctic & Antarctica each season.
• Our firsthand knowledge makes us better equipped to answer your specific questions, assist in narrowing down the best trip for you and to help you prepare for the voyage.
• We offer trips for the same price as the ship operator, so you don’t pay more for our knowledge & experience.
• We are a small office and you will never have to wait on hold to get through to somebody and will always receive quick responses.
• We are preferred partners with the ship operators we work with. Should there be an issue with your voyage (like a trip being cancelled – doesn’t happen often but can happen) we have access to other ship options allowing us to assist in finding a replacement voyage (if available). This has happened and our clients have been thankful they booked with Polar Cruises.

We don't just provide vacations, we promote experiences!

Lynn Cross
Polar Cruises Co-Founder, Owner

Lynn's love of travel, the outdoors, wildlife and the environment led her to a position with one of the oldest adventure travel companies in the USA where she was the Director of Operations for their Antarctic, Arctic, Patagonia, Rivers and Mountaineering programs. This led to the founding of Polar Cruises in 1996, where her love, knowledge and experience of the Polar regions expanded into providing those magical experiences for the many travelers that have booked their Polar trips of a lifetime with Polar Cruises.
Brandon Hagg
Polar Cruises Sales Specialist

Brandon has been in the adventure travel industry since 2006 and joined the Polar Cruises team in 2015. He grew up in the Midwest and his love of the outdoors originates from childhood trips to the woods in Northern Wisconsin. He later developed a passion for travel and nature photography while exploring many national parks in North, Central and South America. He is now thrilled to be able to visit & photograph the most pristine wilderness areas in the world, Antarctica and the Arctic, each season and to share his knowledge of the Polar regions with new passengers every day.
Janys Olsen
Polar Cruises Sales Specialist

Janys was born and raised in eastern Oregon on a wheat farm that her family has owned for over 100 years. It is a small community, but she had great parents who made sure she traveled and saw the world. She began working for a major luxury cruise line and was able to travel to Alaska and learn about the travel industry. Janys began working for Polar Cruises in 2016 first as one of the client services coordinators, and now one of our sales team members. She has been on many voyages to both Antarctica and the Arctic since joining Polar Cruises.
Sharon Hatcher
Polar Cruises Client Service & Sales Specialist

Sharon began her love of travel in the early 90's as a leisure travel agent and has been fortunate enough to see many different and exciting places. Learning about the local people, their cultures, the history and all the destinations have to offer is a passion. Sharon joined Polar Cruises in 2017 and with her many years of travel experience has become an expert customer service team member at Polar Cruises. Sharon has been on multiple Antarctica and Arctic voyages. Using this firsthand knowledge and experience Sharon assists our clients in preparing for their upcoming Polar adventure.